Their Amazing Merman Omega: an Mpreg Harem Romance (Pearl Academy Babies Book 1) by Eva Lyra

"An interesting story about unexpected surprises and finding your chosen family." Angel on Their Amazing Merman Omega.

From the blurb:

All Seiden has to do is sit tight at the academy and wait for a merman alpha prince to claim him… After all, that's what an omega merman prince is supposed to do.

But life has other plans, as it often does, and it throws four handsome shifter alphas in Seiden's path. They rock his world, especially when his heat suppressants mysteriously fail and every alpha at the academy wants a piece of him.

The four alphas help him out and Seiden is sure that once his heat is over, everything will go back to normal… but when morning sickness hits, he knows it's only the beginning of his troubles. How can he go back to the sea and face his potential suitors with a baby belly?

And how can he go back when these four alphas are the ones who have laid a claim on his heart?

All these four alphas want is a sweet omega to bind them into a family and have their babies…

Salvatore, Dante, Xavier and Hayden have been friends for years. Friends with benefits. They'd love to stay together and have a family but for that they need an omega. What they never expected was to fall for one the moment he arrives at the academy, and after helping him through his heat, they just know he is the one for them. The one they need, the one they want for life.

Can they convince Seiden that their unconventional little family could work? Does he have feelings for them as they do for him?


* This is a 75K standalone mpreg RH romance novel with one omega merman prince and four rugged alpha shifters, humor, heat and cute babies! *

Angel's Review:

Their Amazing Merman Omega was a great read! I enjoyed all the characters and I really enjoyed when they were all shifted into their animals. It was such a cute and crucial scene that it was truly adorable. 

Seiden was sent to the Academy so he would be away from the alphas in the sea while he was awaiting someone's claim. Upon arriving at the school he's enraptured by four different alpha's, he tries to stay away from them and to keep his distance. But when his heat suppressants fail and he's thrown into a sudden heat, avoiding those alphas becomes problematic. After spending two nights together during his heat, all the people involved are thrown. None of them were expecting to want to court or claim each other, nor were they expecting kids so soon. Will Seiden be allowed to stay with his alphas? Or will his dad's request him to go back to the sea?

You'll have to read this yourself to find out! 

Eva is a new-to-me author and I'm going to be looking through their blacklist after this book. I'm hoping the second book comes out soon cause I'm eager to read it. I really want to revisit these characters in this next book, and I'm really eager to read more in this universe. The only reason I didn't give this a 5 star rating is cause there are a lot of intimate scenes in this book. I don't think the book needed all of them and would have been great without them. I think they were added just because they could add them. Overall really good, I'm excited to read more. 

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Their Amazing Merman Omega is available to buy as an ebook.