The King's Delight (Tales of Lilleforth #1) by Sarah Honey

Sheena calls The King's Delight "a fun, light story with some light kink and humor."

From the blurb:

King Leopold of Lilleforth rules his kingdom well. He’s handsome, intelligent, and charming. It’s no
wonder the neighbouring kingdoms are eager to provide him with a princess to marry. There’s just one problem—Leo has no interest in princesses. His tastes tend more towards handsome young men who enjoy a good spanking.

Felix Hobson left the kingdom of Lilleforth as a teenager to train as a groom. While he was away he learned a lot, and not all of it had to do with horses—although riding crops were definitely involved. Now an adult, Felix is home to take up the position of royal groom, where he hopes he'll have plenty of opportunities for a roll in the hay.

When Felix mistakes Leopold for a horse thief and attempts to seduce him, Leopold is delighted by the irreverent, attractive lad, and sparks fly. Their arrangement is all fun and games, right until they both fall hard and fast. But while what they have together is a delight, there’s no way it can last—can it?

They’ll have to navigate a visiting princess, an assassination attempt, and a
kidnapping if they want a chance to find out. 

Sheena's Review:

The King's Delight was such a fun read, light and entertaining and hot. I read the Adventures in Aguillon series, co-authored with Lisa Henry and this is very much in the same vein as that series. There's not that much world building, just enough to get a good picture of the kingdom and countries surrounding it. The focus of the story is Felix and Leo, and that's as it should be.

I adored Felix right away. He was just the right amount of irreverent and feisty yet hardworking and respectful when needed. His relationship with his dad was just wonderful too - Janus was amazing. Leo too was great. His interactions with his best friend and chancellor Mattias were a hoot. Totally chafing at the responsibility he has yet getting on with it when he had to, it was a perfect balance. These two together, though, were just a complete joy. I loved the banter, and especially when they got to the role play in the bedroom, too. It was fun and hot and sweet and just everything. Their burgeoning relationship was such fun to witness.

I loved all the side characters too - Mother Jones, Davin, Mattias, Janus and especially Sophia - I loved her so much, she was smart and took no prisoners and I'd have hated to be her brother once he was on her wrong side. Stephan got exactly what he deserved, though. There's a good story running through this too, a little peril added to the whole thing and I really enjoyed it.

If anything, the resolution was a little too neat and perfect, but that's very minor as it didn't detract from my enjoyment of this romp at all.

Overall, a fun, light read that I can't recommend highly enough.

Rating: 5 Stars

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