#TeaserTuesday: Tracking With the Enemy (Unlikely Mates #1) by Rosyln Faulk


This week's #TeaserTuesday takes a look at the first book of Rosyln Faulk's Unlikely Mates series, Tracking With the Enemy. This book releases on Thursday, January 5, 2023 and is available for pre-order on Amazon. 

From the Blurb:


My life as a vampire is pretty routine. Go to my bartending job, find an unsuspecting human customer to feed on, glamour them to forget, go home, sleep, repeat. Pretty standard stuff. Until I’m approached by a werewolf who needs my help to find his missing Alpha. As a vampire, werewolves are our natural enemies. I know I should tell him no, but something about him calls to me, and it’s not just his big, sexy body or angelic face. I want to get to know him. There’s no harm in helping him out, right?


Shaka is not what I expect. I’ve heard he’s a vampire with a powerful tracking ability, but all I see is a gorgeous and flirty young vampire who will probably get me in a lot of trouble. How attractive I find him is one thing—his flirting is something else. I think he’s trying to shock me, but I want to do all the dirty things he suggests—and more. It will be a struggle to keep my hands off him if we work together, but I need his help. With my pack leader on the run and possibly in danger, I need to find him fast. And to do that, I need Shaka.

Raphael’s pack leader left for a reason. But why? Will Shaka and Raphael find him in time to avoid an unknown danger? Will Shaka and Raphael come out unscathed? And will they be able to let each other go at the end of it all?


“Enjoy the show, mongrel?” I know it’s a werewolf behind me. I can feel his heat, catching his
scent from yards away. He played to the shadows after he walked in on me having dinner but
made no move to stop me. Probably knew I wouldn’t kill her.

I turn around as he steps out of the shadows. I can only stare. Goddamn, why do the unattainable
ones have to be so fucking beautiful? He has the face of a fucking angel. Cinnamon brown skin,
beautiful, beautiful chocolate brown eyes that make me want to sink into them. The light dusting
of hair covering his cheeks and chin gives him that scruffy and wild look that can only be
attributed to wolves. They always look so untamed and goddamn delicious. Why do our mortal
enemies have to be so fucking gorgeous?

He smiles at me and it’s feral. A huge fucking turn-on. “I prefer wolf. Mongrel is so…” he
waves his hand in the air like he’s searching for a word, “eighteen hundreds.”

“What can I do for you, pup?”

The chuckle he releases is pure sex. His eyes drop to my dick that’s still rock hard, and I adjust
myself slowly. I don’t know why I’m toying with him. It’s not like I’m allowed to have the
werewolf. I shouldn’t even entertain the thought. “Can we go someplace to talk?” he asks.
“Where we won’t be overheard?”

I close my eyes and stretch my hearing out as far as it will go. About half a mile on a good day.
We’re by a loud club, so I can’t pick up anything as clearly as I would at a normal setting, but I
can tell there’s no one nearby that can hear what we’re saying. “Talk, mongrel. No one is around.
Besides, I’m still on the clock.” I open my eyes and smile at him, baring my fangs for no other
reason than to fuck with him.

“Careful, Dracula. I like when they bite.” His eyes roam over my body, lingering on my mouth,
then they drop to my cock. Goddamn. What I would do to him.

Tracking With the Enemy is available for pre-order on Amazon and will be available as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription on Thursday, January 5.