#TeaserTuesday: The Hideaway Neighbor (Corio Heights #4) by Rye Cox


Today's #TeaserTuesday is an exclusive excerpt from The Hideaway Neighbor, book four of Rye Cox's Corio Heights series. This book is set to release on January 20, 2023 and is currently available for pre-order.

From the Blurb:

What do you do when your past becomes your new neighbor?

Noah thought he was safe with his childhood friend, and all that awaited them was a lifetime of happiness. When the unthinkable happens, he hides away to lick his wounds, but his heart remains frozen in time. Unable to move forward, Noah finds that his new neighbor is the very man who has him bound in the past. Is this the closure he's been seeking to end that chapter of his life or will he break free from the chains that have coiled his heart and learn to trust again?

Bound by the shackles of pressure, Lucas lost the person he thought he’d spend his life with. Years pass, but he's unable to resign himself to the fate of living without the love of his life. He wants nothing more than to get Noah back. He was raised to take what he wants, and he's determined to obtain it. Will he succeed or will the past devour them?

The Hideaway Neighbor is a second chance M/M romance that features childhood friends to lovers, found family, and breaking through comfort zones. It is the fourth book of the Corio Heights series and can be read as a standalone but will be more enjoyable when read as a series.

Exclusive Excerpt:

“Why did you move here, Lucas? You have at least five other places in the city. Why here?”

And are you and Hunter really living together?

The last one I didn’t ask, even though it was the one question I was most curious about. I didn’t know if my heart could handle the answer.

He pursed his lips, pausing for what felt like hours until finally saying, "It's closer."


To what? To where his new lover works?

I knew for a fact that this was further away from his company's headquarters than from his family's mansion. Though as the future CEO, he rarely went into the office. His days were usually filled with endless meetings and schmoozing with the elites of the city. At least they had been.

I couldn't be too sure with the two year gap between us and his sudden move to a place that he once would have never been caught in.

He was once the person closest to me. We didn't have any secrets between us, and now he felt like a stranger to me.

My thoughts swirled and countless scenes flashed through my mind. I was an author. I had a very vivid and hyperactive imagination, which was useful in thinking up new plot bunnies, but it was currently going against me.

I tried to shake those thoughts away, focusing back on the present and almost jumped back in surprise. Lucas had taken advantage of me being distracted to close the distance between us. He really lived up to his nickname. He moved as silently as a cat.

He stood on the same level as me. He was so close that our chests almost touched, and flashbacks of me being cradled against his wide chest had my body warming up.

I stepped away from him, only stopping when my back was flushed against the stairwell wall. I needed some distance, but hell if I was going to be the first to back down. I wanted answers.

"Closer to...?" I prompted and waited for him to continue his sentence, to give me more insight on his thought process, but he never did.

His eyes were still firm on me as he drew nearer. With the stairstep being so short, he was instantly crowding me up against the wall.

I twisted my body to widen our distance yet again, but his arm shot up to slam against the wall, cutting off my escape route.

Lucas lifted his other arm as well, effectively boxing me in. He took a final step, causing the tips of our shoes to brush against each other, then raised his left arm so that his forearm was pressed against the wall above my head.

At this distance, he crowded above me. He had the slight height advantage, and despite looking leaner than I'd remember, his muscles still put mine to shame. There was no way I'd be able to push him off.

I flung my head up to shoot him a glare. "What are you do—"

"Closer to you," Lucas interrupted. His words left my jaw dropping.

The Hideaway Neighbor is currently available for pre-order and will release on January 20. It will be available as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.