Suddenly Single (Southern Discomfort Book 3) by Ian O. Lewis

'This man, the man I loved with all my heart, was finally making love to me in a way that made the world disappear.' - Asher, Suddenly Single.

From the blurb:

“Ignore the drama queen. Carter’s just throwing another hissy fit.”

Asher Bartholomew Yates comes from one of the first families of Virginia, and has just made partner in the family law firm. He went to the right schools, belongs to the right clubs, and like his peers, is happily married. Most of the time. The love of his life is a handful on the best of days, but Carter’s unwavering devotion and unpredictable antics ensures he will always have his heart.

Carter Camden Yates is the most successful interior designer in Richmond, and he’s married to an up-and-coming lawyer who looks perfect on his arm. His talents are as colorful as his personality, and he’s the star of any room he enters. He loves his husband Asher more than life itself, and hasn’t once regretted getting married.

Out of the blue, a legal mixup jeopardizes everything. After three years of ups and downs, our two husbands discover they’re not legally wed. Will this bombshell tear them apart, or will true love win once and for all?

Suddenly Single is the third book in the Southern Discomfort series. It is a gay romantic comedy filled with sweet tea and sour words, served alongside men discovering their deepest desires. Suddenly Single has it all; A couple on the rocks, a second chance at happiness, and a love that refuses to die. So relax on your porch swing with a mint julep and a slice of pecan pie, and enjoy the journey to true love.

Laora's Review:

What happens when you marry the love of your life after being together 'for a while' and you find out it is not legal, especially after you had words and said in the heat of the moment that you would not marry again? For one, it made me smile and grabbing the book any time I had the opportunity. I really appreciate the writing style of the author with details and quirkiness without overloading the story with details that do not add to the story.

Carter is losing his confidence in his relationship with Asher, and they have to grab their second chance. I liked all the snarkiness and the romcom vibe with two seemingly opposing men, who can not be without the other even though they clash and love as hard. Carter is an OTT character but with a huge loving heart and Asher is more low key with an equally loving heart. 

I liked that after being together for a longer time they still could be surprised by the other when they courted again before their 'official marriage. The naughty 'older southern ladies' with their opinions and ideas spread throughout the story give it an extra fun layer.

I have read the other two books in the Southern Discomfort series. I however, do not feel that they need to be read first to understand the story.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Suddenly Single is available to buy as an ebook.