Signs of Affection (Hidden Love Series Book 3) by Eskay Kabba

Signs of Affection gives the reader a good look at the difference in families. Two guys with such different personalities. How they just fit.

From the blurb:

The Former Marine Corp Corporal faces his next battle of the heart.

Connor McIntyre’s life was finally headed in the right direction. He is in a stable, committed relationship with the handsome, sexy and loving Jamel Jones. He is no longer in the closet, and his friends, mother and sisters accept all of him and love him just the same. His organization, Vinnie’s Vet Buddies, is doing well with him as the C.E.O. He lives in a beautiful home with two amazing dogs and his best friend Afia is now his sister-in-law. Life could not be more perfect.

Suddenly Connor finds himself facing attempted murder charges. It divides his family so deeply that Connor draws closer to Jamel’s family and finds support, solace, and acceptance there. As the trial begins and hidden secrets begin to come out one by one, whether innocent or guilty, the verdict could change his life, forever.

ReedKaye's Review:

This is the first book I’ve read by this author. There is a lot of emotion to this story. I feel that I should have read the books before because I think that background would have led up to this story. Even though there is enough development of the characters to understand where this is headed. The relationships definitely add to this story.  

Also, the difference in personalities of Connor and Jamel define this story. Since Connor’s family isn’t there for him, it's heartwarming to see Jamel’s family does.  

I have to admit now I feel I need to go and read the two books.

Rating: 4 Stars

Signs of Affection is available to buy as an ebook and paperback.