Shipped by S. Rodman

Kit and Mackenzie are actors on a new and popular show on television, but they don't really get along. But when the fans want more and the producers decide they should have a fake relationship, Kit and Mackenzie find out they may work really well together on and off the set. Shipped is a contemporary standalone from S. Rodman.

From the blurb:

When the fans ship your characters…
Is fake dating your enemy, a price worth paying for fame and fortune?

Kit Rivers has finally hit the big time. Not only has he been cast in a leading role in a TV show, it unexpectedly becomes a huge hit. Screaming fans, stalkers the whole thing. Kit is loving it. It is everything he has ever dreamed of and worked hard for.

He doesn’t mind that there are pages and pages of online fanfic shipping his character with his male co-star.
Gorgeous Mackenzie Jones is Hollywood royalty. Someone who was handed fame and fortune on a plate. He rarely deigns to talk to anyone on set. He is cold, aloof and rude. Doing his scenes and fleeing as soon as possible. Kit can’t stand him.

He knows former child stars are usually troubled, but he doesn’t think Mackenzie’s prickly nature hides dark and shocking secrets.

The man is just infuriating. Criminally stunning.
Outrageously talented and able to haunt Kit’s every thought.

When the producers decide to write the ship into the show, Kit is not excited, he is resigned. He can see the sense of it. He wants his career to continue to bloom. Kissing scenes and more with the awful Mackenzie are a price he is willing to pay.

But then the producers come up with a plan to drive the fans really wild.

Pretend to fall in love for real.

Tell the world he is dating Mackenzie.

Even though Kit is straight.

Dinners and romantic retreats, all while making sure the paparazzi get juicy shots.

Kit can’t imagine anything worse, but it’s not like a bit of fake dating ever led to anything, is it?

Shipped contains; fake dating, enemies-to-lovers, bi-awakening, grumpy/sunshine and hurt/comfort.

SNik's Review:

Standalone. Hurt/comfort. Fake boyfriends. Bi-awakening. Slow burn. Dual POV. 

This story starts with Kit’s single POV but then moves to a dual POV, and be sure to read the content warnings. Kit feels especially lucky to be working with the famous actor Mackenzie Jones, and he’s started to have a slight crush on the man, but Mackenzie seems to hate him. 

As time goes on Kit’s crush doesn’t diminish but he gets a chance to spend time with Mackenzie outside of acting onset. They are supposed to be fake boyfriends, and Kit is determined to make Mackenzie like him. Lack of communication causes Kit and Mackenzie to continuously misinterpret each other and their relationship bounces back and forth until they reach an understanding. 

When Kit becomes more protective towards Mackenzie and Mackenzie lets Kit know about his past is when the two of them shine together. Entertaining story with some steam, some sweet, caring, some forever thoughts and Kit and Mackenzie get their HEA.

Rating: 4 Stars

Jacquie's Review:

A change of course for S. Rodman, with a fantastic contemporary novel this time.

I loved this. It was a struggle to put it down. The miscommunication between the pair could have been annoying, but it came from legitimate fear, crossed wires, and assumptions. Part of their issue was the power dynamic between them. Mackenzie is a lot further on in his career than Kit, so Kit felt like he had to tiptoe.

Kit was adorable. He tried so hard to be what Mackenzie needed at every turn and was very open-minded about his sexual awakening.

Mackenzie was so prickly and I'm glad we get his pov, otherwise I might not have loved him as much as I did. Seeing the hurt and fear he had to overcome really endeared him to me.

Kit's mom was lovely, and I enjoyed most of the secondary characters.

That HEA was just 😍😍

Rating: 5 Stars

ReedKaye's Review:

This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I’m not sure why. This is such an intense story I had a hard time setting it down. It is about two Hollywood actors that don’t really know how to interact with each other.

Kit’s career seems to finally be taking off. He has been cast in a leading role in a TV series. Kit is new to success and is enjoying every part of it. He feels he worked hard enough to get here and should feel the experience. When he meets his co star in person, he is a little star struck himself. He tries to be friendly with Mackenzie and at first it appears they will work well together, but then something changes. Kit continues trying to be friendly with Mackenzie. He is a little more than attracted to him, but Mackenzie keeps being outright uncivil to him.

Mackenzie has been famous since he started as a child star. His mother was famous and now acts as his manager. It becomes apparent he seems to fit the stereotype famous actor. He is more than a little rude and keeps completely to himself. He is talented and professional and can turn on and off the feelings he portrays. He does his best to keep Kit as a coworker and stranger. Then things change.

The story gets better ratings than expected, so more is written for these two and they are forced to interact more. It also causes Kit to “breakup” with his girlfriend, but originally that is supposed to be only for the pretend relationship between Mackenzie and Kit. The path this relationship takes has plenty of twists and turns that I didn’t expect. It also has a very sad part of Mackenzie’s past that upset me. I really enjoyed this story, but in real life I’m not sure Kit would have been so persistent. I’m sad that the author didn’t deal with Mackenzie’s “mom” and the other characters that had been a part of his childhood. I did enjoy the main characters.

Rating: 5 Stars

Janet's Review:

Shipped is different from what I used to reading by this author. But every single story I’ve read I’ve loved, and this one is no different in that aspect! 

Kit was just so darn adorable, and Mackenzie was a little cold, but he has good reasons. Loved, loved, loved this story!! 

Overall, a fantastic read. Well written with addicting pacing that hooked me and kept me flipping the pages.

Rating: 5 Stars

Shipped is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, hardback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.