Lakeview University (3 book series) by Shane Morton, Abigail Kade, and Drea Roman

Jacquie read and reviewed all three Lakeview University novellas, Try Me, Try Again, and Try Not To...

From the blurbs:

Thomas Elder- When I took the position as vocal professor at Lakeview Unversity - I knew I was giving
up my performing career. I loved being onstage, but I craved security, and not being broke - so I walked away from singing and into the not so fabulous world of being a college professor. I had finally setled in and was excited about my second year of teaching, when a jock with an attitude walked into my vocal studio. The thoughts running through my head were not the kind of thoughts that a professor should have. I don't know whether I should fail him or kiss him! But the real question that's haunting me - why can't I get him out of my mind? It's like he has some kind of power over me. I hope it's not... No! It can't be!

Darren Peterson- My friends think I'm crazy to switch my major to music. But they don't understand that music is as much a part of me as being Lakeview's star soccer player. I'm not going pro, and the last thing I want to do is be a coach. I like making music. I've been a DJ since high school and making my own mixes gives me a high unlike anything else. Except... My vocal teacher. He's a total geek! He likes opera, and old classic books and film. I bet he's never even seen a superhero movie. But I can't stop wondering what my hands would feel like against his skin. I'm nowhere near ready to settle down, but the smell of him makes me question everything.

Can an unexpected miracle bring two very different men the answer to their heartfelt Christmas

Middle aged college professor, Preston Page, has always wanted a family. After his first relationship resulted in bitter disappointment and betrayal, he put that to the side, however, and disappeared into his career. There was time, right? Maybe not. He's just found out he's in early manopause, and kids are a dream he'll never realize now. Spiraling, Preston's tight hold on his world unravels.

Cue an uncharacteristic drunk hook up in an alley with a sexy young stranger. Preston's received a miracle, but he's about to get another huge surprise. He might not only get a baby. Could he be getting a husband too?

Career University student, Joe Langford, just changed his major for the tenth time. He's not interested in Journalism. He wasn't interested in Physics or any of the other majors either. The truth is as long as he's in school, his family trust will pay all his bills, and his parents won't push him to get married to the guy they've arranged for him. There's nothing more Joe wants than to have a family, not a career, but he's not letting them choose his future for him. When Preston tells him about his unexpected situation, he doesn't realize it, but Joe is going to do everything in his power to make this miracle work for both of them. Despite what his family thinks, he's going to propose. They can do this together, make a family of their own, if Preston will agree to take a chance.

Will Joe be able to convince Preston to try again for their own happily ever after?

Includes an older man who's in shock but happy, a younger dude who's stoked to have a purpose finally, and a rich family that says hell no! Get ready for love, romance and enough holiday sweetness to cause cavities.

Jaime Westingbrooke's fall semester starts off so well.
Of course, it would go off the rails immediately.
As soon as he received his new graduate teaching assistant assignment-- Dr. Robert Staff. Hot, grumbly, and, so satisfying to. . . Jaime tries not to go down that road.
Nevermind the enormous crush on the man Jaime has been nursing since his freshman year.

Try not to fall in lust...
Try not to fall in love...
Try not to fall pregnant...
Oops, Jaime does all three.

Prof. Robert Staff is failing at all of his rules for life this semester, as soon as his new graduate assitant walks into his office on one sunny afternoon. Robert will try not to find himself suddenly attracted to his new assistant, who used to be a scrawny student but has had a summer glow-up. He cannot help but want to ... do all sorts of things a professor should not want to try with his graduate students. It's gonna be a long, hot semester. Hot under the collar that is. And maybe some other places too.

Try Not To. . . is book three of the Lakeview University: Holiday Try-Semester series. It features age gap, hurt/comfort, professor/student, and surprise baby themes.

Jacquie's Review:

Okay, so these great authors have come together and built a college omegaverse world and all the novellas are interconnected. Each would work as a standalone with no issues, however, I feel like reading them all gets the best experience.

Each of the professors ends up in a relationship with their student and it is satisfying to see them try to resist fate. The matches are fated which helps with the power dynamic and college rules.

The series as a whole is very sweet, each novella offering something slightly different. I think my favorite was Try Not To... with the alpha professor and student omega, I just loved how Robert really wooed Jamie, making him feel that he isn't a dud.

I really felt for Preston (or Triple P as he's known as) with his fertility issues. His ending was the most satisfying of them all.

I'd love more from this series, I rated them all as 4 stars because I didn't feel a hundred percent finished with the stories. They each needed more of an epilogue for me. I wanna see the babies!

All good stories and a wold I would like to revisit.

Rating: 4 Stars

Try Me, Try Again, and Try Not To... are available to buy as ebooks and are all enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.