His Precious Omega (Sweet Alps Mates #3) by Raiven Matthews

The Sweet Alps Mates series returns in His Precious Omega, released on their publiversary. Happy publiversary Raiven! Thank you for celebrating with us later in the group.

From the blurb:

Brendan Sinclair

Being a Daddy was who I was, but I’d never found a boy that I’d wanted to keep forever.

Until I spotted him.

Standing in the line at a kink club to sit on Santa’s lap, he was shy innocence all wrapped up in an adorable package. From the first taste, I couldn’t get enough of him. Yet when an unseen danger prowls closer, my every instinct is protect my boy at all costs. He is my fated mate.

Do I have it in me to be the Daddy he deserves?

Ryan Foster

The night I saw him in the club, I had been waiting to ask Santa for my forever Daddy. Now, I feel my wish was answered.

He makes me feel safe… and treasured.

I want nothing more than to climb in his lap and be his boy forever. But I have a secret that threatens to tear us apart. Can I escape my past once and for all? Or will our mate bond be destroyed by a darkness I can’t outrun?

This is book 3 of the Sweet Alps Mates series, and features Daddy/little kink, fated mates, shifters, mpreg, stalking, and a HEA. While other characters from previous books pop in, it is not necessary to read any of the books in order.

**Trigger warnings**
Issues of infertility are discussed, and there is an on-page stalker with episodes of escalating violence. Please avoid if any of these may be a trigger for you.

Janet's Review:

His Precious Omega is the third story in the Sweet Alps Mates series. This arrived on my kindle and I immediately started reading and didn’t stop until I was done! You really should read the first two in the series, but this does read fantastic as a standalone. 

Brendan is an Alpha Daddy who really wants to find his mate. He thinks he has, but he disappears for a few months. Ryan is a boy who is being stalked. He decides to start over in another town, coincidentally where Brendan lives.

I loved the found family aspect in this. Wade and Quinn just swoop in and help Ryan. I freakin loved everything about this story!! 

Overall, a fantastic read!! The story was well written and kept me engaged and flipping the pages, the pacing just flowed!!! Highly recommend!

Rating: 5 Stars

His Precious Omega is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited.