His Dad Will Do by Anna Kensing

Every once in a while you see a request for a super steamy read and you think of the last one you read... well, His Dad Will Do is definitely going to be one of the books I recommend in the future!

From the blurb:

My ex won’t be the only one who calls his father Daddy.

They say revenge is a dish best served cold and I guess that’s apt, because I am freezing. I’m standing on the front steps of my cheating bastard of an ex-boyfriend’s childhood home and I’m here for one reason.

I’m here to seduce my ex’s father. Lance says that his dad only bangs twinks who are way younger than him. And I can’t think of a better FU response to what Lance did to me than to be the latest twink in his dad’s bed.

Heather's Review:

His Dad Will Do is a spicy, Age Gap romance.  It's a quick and steamy read with some Daddy/Boy vibes but no age play and the twist of being a little taboo... being that the Daddy is the ex's father!

Built on attraction that both men have kept at bay, the heat flares quickly and the ex drama is just enough to provide angst without overshadowing the new relationship...

If you want a heated age gap story with a lightly taboo twist, you're definitely going to want to add His Dad Will Do to your TBR!

Rating: 5 Stars

His Dad Will Do is available as an e-book from your favourite e-retailer!