Forever with Hardin by Sophia Nixs


Forever with Hardin is the second book in Sophia Nixs' North Avenue Live series and a quick read of a friends to lovers story that has been anything but quick...

From the blurb:

Finding the One was just a dating app, right?

It was meant to be one blind date.

To stop me from acting out and doing something stupid when I was on a business trip.

I never expected for fate to intervene and to set me up with the guy I’d lusted over for years.

He was my best friend; my business partner.

Could I finally admit my true feelings or risk losing everything I'd ever worked for in the process?

Heather's Review:

Forever with Hardin is a tale in two parts - the beginning - the pining, the angst and the want and the end, they're together... it's a quick transition, but a sweet story,  and a lovely read leading up to Valentine's Day.  This is the second book in the series, but can be read standalone.

Rating: 4 Stars

ReedKaye's Review:

Quite an entertaining friends to lovers story. Hardin and Anthony are attracted to each other but neither wants to lose their friendship by telling the other. They are partners in bar ownership. When the bar is up for an award and both owners have to travel to the award ceremony both are uncomfortable around each other. When they arrive there, circumstances make them even more unbearable. They do their best to keep a distance from each other but then fate steps in. They are faced in a now or never position.

There are a lot of appearances of secondary characters and since this is the first I’ve read in the series, I was not quite familiar with them. The story was readable with out having read the other book but I think it might have given more a better feeling how these characters interact.

Rating: 4 Stars

Forever with Hardin is available as paperback and an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription.