Cover Reveal & Excerpt: Something Unexpected (Split Rock Ranch Book 2) by Rory Maxwell

So excited for the next Split Rock Ranch Book, Something Unexpected, coming March 2nd from Rory Maxwell!  If you haven't read the first book in the series, now's the perfect time to add Something Undeniable, to your TBR!

DOMINIC LAUDER never thought he’d return to Split Rock Ranch. But after twenty years, he finds himself knocking on his aunt’s door. He just wishes he was there with better news. Nick is used to making difficult calls in the name of family…except those family obligations weren’t supposed to come up against a smoking hot ranch manager, his enticing young husband, and the undeniable attraction that crackles between the three of them. Now Nick has to decide what’s more important: his responsibilities or his heart.

MICAH AVERY has always followed his heart and it’s gotten him everything he’s ever dreamed of. He’s married to his first love, his horse-training business is taking off, and life at the ranch couldn’t be better. But his perfect world is turned upside down with the arrival of Nick Lauder. Micah never expected his heart to lead him in this direction, but it hasn’t steered him wrong yet.

RYAN AVERY is amazed by the happiness he’s found with Micah. But one thing he's learned from his husband of three years, is that anything is possible. When Nick’s arrival opens up the opportunity for some no-strings-attached fun, Ryan is completely on board. Then the three of them click in ways that Ryan couldn’t have anticipated, and he starts to see possibilities he’d never dreamed of. Possibilities that just need to survive Nick’s real reason for being there.

Something Unexpected is an 80k, high-heat, MMM romance with a happily established couple finding their third, a dash of bedroom-only kink, absolutely no cheating, and a guaranteed HEA. It’s the second book in the Split Rock Ranch series and is best enjoyed after book one.

Unproofed Excerpt: 

Pick up the fucking phone, Nick.

Nick took his eyes off the road just long enough to read the text. Yeah, no. Xavier was the last person—well, second to last—he wanted to deal with right now. The drive was bad enough without his ex-husband in his ear, judging his life choices. He let the call that followed go to voicemail. He’d call Xavier back when he actually had something to say to him. 

The device started vibrating again almost immediately. With a growl, Nick pushed the button to silence it. Except he hit it too hard, and the phone slipped from its holder and tumbled down into the footwell where the buzzing of incoming text messages continued. 


He’d been on the road since before dawn and was deeply regretting his decision not to fly into the tiny local airport and rent a car from there. At least the torrential rain that had made the second half of the drive a nightmare had finally tapered off. The skies had cleared, but the country roads were still a mess with remnants of the storm. Luckily, the weather seemed to have kept most people home, a fact he was grateful for as he swerved left to avoid yet another suspiciously deep puddle. The last thing he needed was to get stuck out here in the middle of bumfuck nowhere. He’d probably be stranded for hours. The roads weren’t even traveled enough to rate a painted yellow line, just too-narrow, unmarked blacktop.

That probably wasn’t fair. The closest town to his destination had a population of just over four thousand according to the Welcome sign he’d passed a few miles back. And he knew they did well with tourists in this part of the state. Still, as far as Nick was concerned, nothing with a population under a hundred thousand should be considered civilization. 

“In five hundred feet, turn right onto Split Rock Road,” the GPS’s mechanical voice intoned.

Fucking finally. 

As Nick approached the turn, he saw the road was nearly covered by another pool of water. As he was determining the best path around it, he glanced up just in time to see a box truck barreling over the rise. The driver laid on their horn, as if Nick had anywhere to go. The asshole was in the middle of the road, not even trying to keep to his own side. Only quick reflexes and a car that was built to be responsive allowed Nick to swerve before he was hit head on.

Nick swore as he went into the massive puddle too fast and at a bad angle, sending up a spray of water. The steering wheel was nearly ripped from his hands as he bounced over what felt like several boulders with the horrible scraping sound of metal on asphalt before coming to a shuddering stop. 

He stared at the fence inches from the windshield and the peaceful grassy field beyond it as his heart thudded in his ears. Fucking fuck. He dragged in a breath that shook more than he would ever admit and took stock, determining quickly that he hadn’t actually been hit and wasn’t injured, then forced his hands to unclench from the steering wheel. He pushed the button to turn off the engine and listened to the click of hot, settling metal in the sudden quiet. A glance told him the truck was gone. It hadn’t even slowed down. 


Now what?

“You have arrived at your destination,” the GPS announced.


Add Something Unexpected to your tbr, coming March 2nd in e-book and as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription!  If you haven't read the first book in the series, now's the perfect time to add Something Undeniable to your reading list!   It's also available in KU!