Come From Behind (Suite Dreams #1.5) by Ariella Zoelle


Ariella Zoelle travels back to Wintervale in the latest book in her Suite Dreams series. Find out what we thought about the latest entry: Come From Behind

From the Blurb:

Is it possible that Tavish’s fender-bender on a snowy day will lead to him getting romantically rear-ended?

Having a car accident turn into a meet-cute? That definitely wasn’t how I saw my day going.

Because as soon as I collide into the back bumper of a fancy German SUV that costs more than a year of my college tuition, I’m pretty sure my life is over. Nightmares of getting yelled at and sued for what little I’m worth flash before my eyes.

But I somehow lucked out by hitting the nicest guy in Wintervale. Leith is more concerned about me being okay than the state of his ride. Having a stranger care more about my well-being than my last two exes combined has me blubbering in a way that merits getting called “kid” by the older man.

Instead of leaving me for dead on the side of the road like I deserve, Leith is my knight in shining armor who comes to my rescue—albeit on a slightly banged-up white stallion after our little run-in.

If the wreck wasn’t enough incentive for us to get together, the cosmic universe practically shoves me into his arms when we get snowed in, with nothing else to do besides getting to know each other.

Maybe if I’m lucky, he’ll be the one “rear-ending” me in bed tonight.

Come from Behind is a Suite Dreams series standalone side story novella. It’s a super sexy, incredibly swoony, age gap, forced proximity, no angst romance set in the small town of Wintervale that is as sweet and funny as it is hot and steamy.

Sarah C's Review:

Ariella Zoelle has once again delivered an incredibly cute and sweet romance. Leith and Tavish meet when Tavish rear ends him during a snow storm. Leith, being possibly the nicest person to ever exist, isn't upset and focuses on taking care of Tavish after the collision. Except there are no hotels in town so of course, he offers the younger man a place to stay. They have an immediate attraction, but with 15k words, you're not expecting any kind of slow burn.

This book is definitely an insta-love. I think it would've been a 5 star if they hadn't instantly declared that they were the loves of one another's lives, despite never having met and not having too many conversations after day two, but there's a suspension of disbelief that exists in romance novels. I would've also loved to see a bit more of them conversing and getting to know one another. Seeing more of day two would've been helpful to make that statement seem more plausible.

But after a heavier read right before it, this was the perfect cleanser and I've got a cheesy as heck smile on my face which is what I like at the end of my romance novels. I would definitely recommend this one to anyone who just wants something light, fluffy, and fast.   

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Heather's Review:

Come from Behind is a sweet insta-love romance very much in line with what you expect from Ariella Zoelle and it's a lovely read.  With a car accident meet cute and an instant connection, this story just dives head first into sexy times and love...

It's a fun story if you are looking for a no-angst read with a steamy scene and very quick I love yous...

Rating: 4 Stars

Come From Behind is available on Amazon and as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.