Climbing to Believe (Rock Jocks #1) by F.A. Ray

Climbing to Believe is a story about believing in love and yourself.

From the blurb:

“You’re going to be the death of me.”
“Then I better make it worth it.”

Ty never planned on sleeping with his biggest climbing idol, but when he gets the chance, is he really going to say no?

As a teen, Ty idolized Elijah Reed for coming out publicly. Now Elijah is here watching Ty climb, and it’s everything Ty fantasized about as a young climber searching for his place in the sport. Elijah might be older than him, but Ty won’t let this man slip away that easily.

When Ty invites Elijah out to dinner, Elijah actually says yes, and Ty knows this is his chance. Elijah could be a lot more than a distant climbing idol if he’d just let Ty get close. But the mere mention of competitive climbing seems to open an old wound. Elijah clearly wishes he was still competing.

Why can’t he?

They could have it all — climbing, each other, even a relationship. That is, if Elijah will let Ty in.

Climbing to Believe is a high heat, low angst MM sports romance with an age gap, rock climbing adventures, an idol/fan dynamic, spicy open door scenes and a HEA.

Laora's Review:

I saw this book and thought that one is for me. I am a former rock-climber and boulderar and was interested in how the author would use the climbing in the book. Since they are a climber, the climbing scenes, the feelings and thoughts are spot on and I absolutely enjoyed those, and I felt I was back on the rocks or hall. Even down pat to how rock-climbers think about mountaineers in general 😆.

I, however, would have liked a bit more character development, especially for Ty and Elijah. Their feelings of being a representative for lgbtq+ persons and an added pressure and why for Ty as a person of color, I would have liked more about the why. 

The insta-attraction in this age gap MM romance was well described. I recommend this book because I think even if you are not a climber, this book will give you a glimpse of how that is with a romance on the side.

Rating: 4 Stars

Climbing to Believe is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.