Between the Pipes (Watkins Glen Gladiators #1) by V.L. Locey

V.L. Locey starts off her latest hockey series with a bang - literally - in Between the Pipes 

From the blurb:

Two men who have sworn off romance are about to crash headfirst into love.

Liam Kneller-Polkman has no time for dating. None. Zero. Zip. His mind has to remain focused on hockey if he wants to secure a goaltending spot on the Watkins Glen Gladiators. He’s committed his whole summer—heck his whole life—to play in the pros someday and he’s not going to lose focus now. Eyes on the prize is his new motto. As training camp grows closer, he accompanies the Gladiators’ team captain to a race at the famed speedway in his new hometown. There he meets Tarcy Hayward, the smolderingly hot, much older driver of the famed number 66 stock car. One look, one smile, and one memorable dinner are all it takes for Liam’s good intentions to stay on track to crash and burn.

Tarcy Hayward’s been around the romance track a few times, each lap leaving him a little older and a lot more wary of giving his heart to someone again. Ever since his wife died, his life has been devoted to his two adult children, his grandson, and racing. He’s happy now that the only thrills he gets are on the racetrack. Or so he thought. When Liam Polkman enters his garage, all the safety barriers in the world aren’t enough to save his heart from the impact. It takes just one night with the stunning young goalie with light green eyes to launch Tarcy’s heart into a high-octane sprint where love always takes the checkered flag.

Between the Pipes is a low angst, age gap gay hockey romance that features an outgoing young goalie, a cautious older race car driver, two families who are not above meddling just a bit to see their loved ones happy, lots of on-ice and high-speed action, and a straightaway sprint to a happy-ever-after.

Janet's Review:

Between the Pipes is the start a fantastic new series, Watkins Glen Gladiators. I’m a sucker for hockey romances and this one felt just right. We’ve met Liam before from the author previous stories. Liam is picked up by the Gladiators. He meets Tarcy at the Watkins Glen Speedway, where he’s a racecar driver. I feel the sparks coming off these two when they first met. Neither Liam nor Tarcy is looking for a relationship, just a good time. They’re just fooling themselves. Overall, a fantastic story. Well written with addicting pacing.

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

Hot men, hot cars, ice cold... ice? Yep, Between the Pipes has it all -  Nascar, hockey, steam, sweet, age gap, angst,  drama, danger...

Even if you don't know Liam's backstory, you'll enjoy reading about his instant connection with seasoned race car driver, Tarcy as he begins his AHL career with the Watkins Glen Gladiators and they learn to balance their busy careers with the relationship they want after a few false starts.

Between the Pipes was well paced and great reading.  It was a wonderful start to the new series and is perfect reading if you like hockey romance, race car romance or an age gap!

Rating: 5 Stars