Bad Boy (The Loyal Boys #2) by Charli Meadows

Bad Boy is an NA romance with steamy first times and enough feels to fill your heart. 

From the blurb:


This small town is stifling, and my parents are overbearing. They only care about how others perceive us and sustaining the family legacy. I’m drowning from the pressure they’ve placed on me to be the perfect son, have perfect grades, and wear perfect, preppy clothes. No parties, no friends, no trouble,
and certainly no fun.

But everything changes when chaos storms into town in the form of Remington Michaels. The mysterious and dangerous new kid everyone is whispering about. They say he killed someone at his old school. That he’s a brutal fighter. But I don’t believe it. Not with the way he’s always there—protecting me, watching me, touching me.

I have no idea what’s brewing between us, but I’m helpless to stop it when we find ourselves sharing a cabin and becoming friends with benefitsall in the first week. You see, he really is a bad boy. But maybe, just maybe, I could be good for him.


After getting arrested and expelled from my old school in Detroit, Mom had no choice but to move us back to her hometown. Somewhere I’ve never even been. And we’re staying with my eccentric grandpa, whom I’ve never even met.

This new neighborhood—this new school—isn’t what I expected for a place tucked deep in the mountains of North Carolina. The elitism, the bullies, the social structures—I want no part of it. But then I meet the shy, stumbling Lincoln Anderson. He ignites something inside of me, and I’m drawn to him—his goodness, his quiet resolution. I can’t leave him alone. Won’t leave him alone. Even when an unknown threat from my past endangers everything.

I’m no stranger to putting my fists up, and it doesn’t take long to decide that I’ll wreck anyone who steps near Linc. The thing is, he doesn’t want me to. They say I’m a bad boy, but I think maybe I could be good for him.

Bad Boy is a 96,000-word friends-with-benefits-to-lovers gay romance. It is book two in The Loyal Boys Series, a collection of standalone contemporary M/M romances. You can expect opposites attract, forced proximity, hurt/comfort, and steamy first times. This novel is intended for 18+ readers and contains explicit scenes, violence, language, and bullying from outside sources. See Author’s Note for a full list of Content Warnings.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

"I'm going to flip his life upside down.

I love myself a Bad Boy. As soon as I saw a teaser for this book along with the title, I knew I had to get my hands on it. I wasn't disappointed. Remi is our bad boy and after the life he's lived, he has no fucks left to give. I wouldn't either if I were him. All his life, the adults who are supposed to protect him have let him down. From his mother, who had him as a kid herself and spent most of her time working, to his drunk of a father who had no qualms about putting his hands on his own son. It's no wonder he's leery of anyone in a position of authority. No one ever looks beyond the bad boy exterior, no one except a shy, preppy boy named Lincoln.

"You can be vulnerable in front of me. You don't have to be so tough all the time. Let me fight for you sometimes, too. Show me what's underneath all this beautiful art."

I adored how almost immediately after meeting Remi felt the pull towards Linc. From his nervous stuttering to the shy blushes, Remi found himself enamored. He wanted to know this boy, this perfectly put together guy who rode into his fucked up life on a moped, of all things. Lincoln finds himself equally caught up. His life hasn't been easy either. Lincoln's never had anyone in his corner. Meeting Remi turns his ordered life on its head and it's something he never saw coming, yet desperately wished for.

"He's also suffered in silence, in his own way. His controlling parents. The bullies. The isolation. The loneliness. It's probably why we connected so instantly. We're kindred spirits, and I'm never fucking letting him go."

Remi and Linc's journey is full of heat and plenty of feels. They read a bit older than your average 18-year-olds, especially Remi. I guess that's what happens when you have to learn to take care of yourself at such a young age. I really loved these two together and wish we got to see a glimpse of them farther into the future, maybe see Remi taking over his grandfather's company. For that reason, I'll say this one ends on a solid HFN. I look forward to see what comes next from author Charli Meadows, especially if they delve into the paranormal like they mention at the end of Bad Boy.

Rating: 5 Stars

Bad Boy is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.