A Ginger for Kinkmas (Naughty or Nice Season Three) by Chara Croft

Tammy says A Ginger for Kinkmas is "One more sweet, swooney, kinky, heartwarming book from one of my favorite authors!".

From the blurb:

Flynn Morris needs a Daddy.

At least, that’s what his flamboyant and highly opinionated best friend, Tate, has decided. Flynn himself isn’t so sure. He’s never had a boyfriend, much less considered something as kinky as having a Daddy. In fact, he’s been perfectly happy with his life exactly as it is. He likes the calm, orderly accounting classes he’s taking at college, loves living with Tate in one half of the duplex Tate’s protective big brother, Braxton, owns, and - even though Tate likes to complain about Braxton living right next door and always being up in their business - Flynn feels safe and secure knowing Brax is always right there, looking out for them.

But none of that can last forever. Once Flynn graduates and they all go their separate ways, he’s going to have to start adulting all on his own. Unless he goes along with Tate’s plans for him and actually finds himself a Daddy…

Braxton Hart needs to save Flynn from Tate’s craziness. Again.

Brax has always had a soft spot for his little brother’s best friend, and who could blame him? Flynn is fucking adorable. Shy and sweet and a little bit awkward, the gentle ginger isn’t at all as fiery as his red hair would imply. In fact, he’s much more likely to follow someone else’s lead. Usually Tate’s, who has a tendency to steamroll Flynn into the craziest of plans. Like his latest one - finding Flynn a “Daddy” at Kinkmas, a singles event sponsored by the kinky dating app, Cuffd.

And seriously, Kinkmas? What even is that? Brax may not be either kinky or gay, but he’s also not about to trust some stranger to step in and take care of Flynn the way he deserves. And that means that this time, Brax doesn’t just have to save his favorite ginger from another one of Tate’s crazy plans, he’s about to get sucked into actually helping…

A Ginger for Kinkmas is a bi-awakening, best-friend’s-brother gay romance featuring a shy ginger virgin who really prefers to have someone else in charge, an overprotective “big brother” who realizes his feelings aren’t actually very brotherly after all, and holiday dreams that come true for everyone. With a little help, of course.

A Ginger for Kinkmas is part of the Naughty or Nice Season Three multi-author series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but there are so many Daddies and boys finding their happily ever afters, why not grab them all?

Tammy's Review:

This book was definitely a little bit more slow burn than all of Miss Croft’s other books, but no less wonderful, adorable, and sweet.

Brax is a wonderful, protector for Flynn and Tate. Flynn is such a sweet, shy, timid little thing (in a way that only this author writes blushing virgins). I absolutely adored the best friend’s brother set up in this story. Tate, Brad’s brother and Flynn’s BFF, is such a ball of tornado sparkles he adds the perfect balance to sweet Flynn. There’s a lot of nose-bridge-pinching from Braxton when Tate’s crazy ideas drag Flynn outside his comfort zone. The dynamic between these three is just perfect for Brax to discover his protective instincts for Flynn could not be so much more than brotherly love. Especially when Tate’s plan to find Flynn a Daddy come to light.

The heat level on this one is definitely dialed back compared to Chara’s other books with only one intimate scene in the middle and a couple at the end, but still so worth it.
Highly recommend!

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

I had a little trepidation when I was talking to the author and she was worried that there wouldn't be enough kink and heat, but I told her that I was sure that she'd be able to "Charafy" even the most innocent of men... and I was certainly right! 

A Ginger for Kinkmas blends the idea of found family and quasi-taboo when Brax realizes that he is more than just big brother possessive of Flynn and well Flynn's been crushing on Braxton for years... It's is a sweet, steamy, mildly kinky brothers best friend, found family and oh so wonderful!  Brax is so protective, even as he works through his own bi-sexuality and steep learning curve on what it means to be a daddy, and I gobbled it up in one sitting and I'm sure you will too!

Rating: 5 Stars

A Ginger for Kinkmas is available to read as an e-book and you can download it as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.