The Words We've Never Said by J.H. Knight

“Bein’ with you feels like... living and dyin’ at the same time. I can barely breathe when you’re around, barely think. But I told you once that my heart don’t beat until I see you, and that’s still the whole truth.” He had to swallow hard before he could go on. “I need my heartbeat back.” - Sam, The Words We've Never Said

From the blurb:

Sam Northwick’s dreams have always been simple. Keep his ranch going the same way his father had and his father before him. Be a part of the community he grew up in and take care of his neighbors, the same way they always take care of him. And, mostly, be the kind of man his parents would’ve been proud of if they’d lived long enough.

Finding out his train wreck of a sister has two kids he’s never heard about isn’t much of a surprise, but finding out he has to take in and raise his niece and a nephew shakes his world to pieces. Almost as much as running into Billy Jones for the first time since high school.

Billy would be lying if he said he hadn’t thought about Sam more than a few times over the years. Mostly in the shower. Seeing him again, watching him struggle through daily life as a caretaker to a pissed-off teenage hellraiser and a little boy who is exactly like Sam wakes up that little crush and gives it a life of its own, making Billy do everything he knows he shouldn’t. Including start up with a man so deep in the closet he can’t see the door.

Is a little time, a little patience, and a little Texas heat enough to bring them together, or will it take more than either of them is willing to give?

Heather's Review:

Sam has a lot going on in his life - the arrival of a niece and nephew he's never met, meeting Billy again while stopping for flowers on the way to the airport, dealing with his sister's incarceration and the reasons for it and keeping the secret that he's held all his life - he's gay...

In some ways this book is a general fiction story with a romance sub-plot - Sam and his instant family interacting with each other, working on the ranch, dealing with so many things including the death of a side character, and somewhere in there the closeted rancher falls for the florist who has befriended both him and the children... and it's how they deal with the curveballs life has thrown at them.

It flowed well, but if you're looking for a straight up romance, this one might not be for you... if you're looking for a story of family, found family and figuring out how to live in Texas as a rancher with two kids and a boyfriend, you'll enjoy The Words We've Never Said.

Rating: 4 Stars

The Words We've Never Said is currently available as a Kindle e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription