The Holiday Disaster (Doves of Destiny #1) by Rye Cox

The Holiday Disaster is a fun Holiday romance. Forced proximity, best friend’s brother, opposites attract and miscommunications, only one bed, crushes made this sooo freakin good!

From the blurb:

What do you call being stranded with your brother’s best friend? A Recipe for disaster? Or a dream come true?

Ethan Wang
College is supposed to be my chance to start over. To leave high school behind and focus on my studies to become a vet. Then, I board a plane on winter break and find myself seated next to my brother’s best friend. The same guy I had a huge crush on even though he always seemed to have it out for me.

It should be a quick flight filled with awkward small talk, but plans change when the plane’s engine fails and we have to land in the middle of nowhere. After a sequence of ill-fated events, we’re forced to share a B&B with only one bed. Trapped in a room with a man I’ve hidden my feelings from for years… What’s the worst that could happen?

Kingsley Sharp
I usually get what I want, thanks to my mastery at charming my way into anyone’s heart. That, however, hasn’t been the case with my best friend’s brother. We got off on the wrong foot, and I want nothing more than to win him over.

Now with us stranded together, my chance has come. Stuck in a small town full of snow drifts and holiday cheer, I’m determined to use this disaster to make this a magical holiday neither of us will forget.

The Holiday Disaster is a standalone MM romance with college-aged characters. It’s a fun blend of sweet and steamy moments featuring brother’s best friend, one bed, first love, slow burn, and opposites attract tropes.

Janet's Review:

The Holiday Disaster is a fun Holiday romance. Forced proximity, best friend’s brother, opposites attract and miscommunications, only one bed, crushes made this sooo freakin good! 

Eli is coming home from college for Christmas. He’s stuck on a plane next to his brother’s best friend,friend, Kingsley, when the plane breaks down and they end up at a B&B with only one bed! Eli has always crushed on Kingsley, but he’s straight and he thought that Kingsley hated him. Kingsley has always thought that Eli was pretty, and one told him that, but Eli misunderstood. So many miscommunications! When they’re forced together, they start to talk, and things get heated in the good way. 

Sweet, hot and steamy and just the right amount of spice made this a fantastic addicting read! Overall, fantastic!! Well written with nice pacing that kept me engaged and flipping the pages!

Rating: 5 Stars

Sheena's Review:

This is so many tropes rolled into one, forced proximity, brother's best friend, unrequited crush, only one bed, travel mishap - you name it and it's here. That's not a criticism though, not in the slightest.  Nothing wrong with a trope or two.  

For the most part I liked both Kingsley and Ethan - although I had a few moments where Ethan annoyed me, and had a hard time believing anyone can be as nice and understanding as Kingsley, although perhaps that's more a me thing than anyone else.  

This is sweet, fluffy, and full of holiday moments. It could be a hallmark movie. That's a good thing, I love hallmark movies, it's perfectly light and romantic and festive and almost everything you could want in a Christmas romance. It's not 5 stars because it's almost too sweet, and I found it a little preachy in places too.  

Overall, I enjoyed it though, and if you want tropey goodness full of Christmas cheer and sweet fluffiness, then this is for you.

Rating: 4 Stars

Heather's Review:

The Holiday Disaster hits my hot buttons - forced proximity, only one bed, best friend's brother, secret crush and so many more tropes!  It's a new adult/college romance where both guys think the other hates them but really, they've been silently crushing all along...

The holiday forces them to be in each other's orbits and actually talk... and well... so much more!

This book was sweet, steamy and so much fun - a perfect holiday read!

Rating: 5 Stars

The Holiday Disaster is a available to buy as an ebook, paperback, audiobook, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.