Snow, Love, and Valentine (He Is The One) by A.G. Meiers

Snow, Love, and Valentine is the third short story in the He Is The One series.

From the blurb:

A weekend away in the mountains. A snowstorm and only one hotel room left. The beginning of an epic love story, right? Well, Ben is no fool…

Ben Winter’s skiing trip turns into something magical when he shares two nights with Mac, but he’d be a fool to hope for more. Mac’s real name is Valentine McMonroe. He has a posh accent and a trust fund, and he is way out of Ben’s league. Ben knows hot-as-hell rich guys from New York City aren’t for keeps and if you have any pride, you turn the cold shoulder. But Mac is a ray of sunshine while Ben’s life is falling apart. So, they stay in contact while Ben fights to keep his coffee shop / LGBTQ+ youth center open for one more month.

A disastrous trip to surprise Mac for his birthday reminds Ben once again that their worlds don’t mix, and when they collide, Ben is the one getting hurt. Falling in love would be a mistake, but Mac is stubborn and doesn’t give up easily. Mac is all in. Can he change Ben’s mind? And is love enough for a happily ever after?

Snow, Love, and Valentine is an opposites attract, contemporary m/m romance with lots of heartwarming fluff. It’s the third steamy short story in the “He is the One” series. There’s a soulmate for everyone, but sometimes love must overcome prejudices. 

Janet's Review:

Snow, Love, and Valentine is a short, sweet novella. Insta love, forced proximity, and only one bed made this a sweet story. 

Ben is getting away for the weekend, going skiing and maybe finding someone to hook up with. But he didn’t expect Mac or the blizzard like conditions that make his mouth open and offer that they can share a room when the hotel is forced to cancel some reservations. Mac is there for an event. It’s his last skiing event before he retires, and he didn’t plan on Ben either. They don’t have much in common but serious chemistry. 

Overall, a fantastic read that kept me up reading. Well written with nice pacing! 

Rating: 5 Stars

Snow, Love, and Valentine is available to buy as an ebook.