Return of the Christmas Dragon (Legend of the Holiday Dragons #3) by Kelsey Hodge

Legend of the Holiday Dragons returns with a third outing, Return of the Christmas Dragon.

From the blurb:

I've been having strange dreams about a dragon for days. I have no idea what they mean or why they're suddenly happening. I know I should tell Rhordi but we have enough to worry about. Then Cyflawn arrives and somehow, I know he belongs to us.

Rhodri and
The workshop is so busy and I have no idea how we're going to complete our orders. Elgan is stressed, so there is no way I can tell him about the strange dreams I have been having about the dragon war. But we're finally getting help in the workshop. Then Cyflawn arrives and everything changes.

At first I cannot believe the tale my cousin Alwyn is telling me about distant land, elves and dragons, but here I am in a land that smells and looks like Christmas. Somehow this land is my home and these elves that I am supposed belong to me and I to them. Destiny led me here. Now I need to discover why.

Janet's Review:

Return of the Christmas Dragon is the fourth book in the Legend of the Holiday Dragons. It’s MMM and fated mates. Elgan and Rhodri have been mated for fifty years and are having similar dreams, they both dream of a dragon. They both feel like their missing something even though they love each other completely and whole heartedly. 

They make wooden toys for children at Christmas time, But the Adult puzzles are the ones they can’t keep up with. They are given help in the form of Cyflawn. He’s an amazing painter and their fated mate making them complete. 

This was such a sweet and heartwarming read. Well written and fat paced! Loved it!!

Rating: 5 Stars

Return of the Christmas Dragon is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.