Rescued by Hayden Hall (The Sanctuary Book 1)

Escaping from a bad relationship, luck is on Archer's side when he finds a supportive community to help him start again. When he builds a relationship with his neighbor Brooklyn, Archer finds the strength to look towards the future, and perhaps if they are together they can find a way in Rescued.

From the blurb:

Running away is only the first step. Moving on is the hardest.

When Archer Navarro escapes his emotionally abusive boyfriend in the middle of the night, he hopes to step into a better life.

A turn of bad luck ends Archer’s flights as soon as it starts, but the kindness of strangers brings him to an LGBT shelter.

And it brings him to Brooklyn. He’s the moody, drop-dead gorgeous tenant in the apartment next door, and he soon becomes the source of Archer’s hope.

Their chemistry is instant. It’s hot enough to melt the snow that’s about to bury them. Brooklyn makes Archer believe there still might be some love in him left to give.

If only the past wasn’t getting in the way. If only Archer could let those around him help.

The road of trials tests these men’s will to hold onto one another.

Tensions with his estranged family and a lifetime of scars threaten to take Archer back to where it all started. Back to the house where he was a little more than a prisoner.

And when the future of both their lives depends on it, Archer and Brooklyn need to answer it once and for all: can broken hearts ever beat the same again?

And can love ever be enough?

Rescued is the first book in The Sanctuary series, but it’s a complete standalone with no cheating or cliffhangers and with a guaranteed happily ever after. This book deals with darker themes of abuse and, while it’s generally sweet, it’s not for everyone. Please, read the content warnings inside the book by using the Look Inside feature or downloading a sample.

SNik's Review:

First in series (The Sanctuary). Hurt/comfort. Single POV. When Archer finally manages to leave his boyfriend luck is on his side as he finds support with a caring community as he comes to terms with trying to start a new life. Brooklyn is Archer’s attractive neighbor who is also working towards a new start and the men begin a friendship and relationship that falls quickly into deep feelings and encouragement. 

This story has well written descriptions of feelings and emotionality covering everything from guilt, anger, self-confidence, sacrifice, and love. Although there is high angst and difficult times, I enjoyed the positivity of supportive secondary characters that are willing to assist others, the attempts of Archer to heal with both success and failure, and of course the constant strength and presence that Brooklyn provides. Love doesn’t solve all their problems, but it does reinforce their determination to be together and help others while helping themselves. A well deserved HEA for two men that struggled but come out on top together.

Rating: 4.25 Stars

ReedKaye's Review:

I’ve read a lot of this author’s stories but I think Rescued is the best he has written so far. There is so much emotion going on all through this story. Right from the beginning it starts almost as a horror story….will Archer escape… As he tries to get away from a relationship that is abusive, he is faced with some very good luck by getting arrested and having an officer that really cares about people.
Brooklyn is another character all together. He comes across as tough and moody but Archer is attracted to him and looks beyond this outward personality and sees the real man. As their relationship develops and their lives are going toward a positive future, Archer’s father dies and that leaves open so much for him to feel guilty about. Then he examines his previous relationship with Thomas and goes back and forth whether it was really abusive when Thomas never got physical with him.

There is just so much to this story and I wish I were better at reviewing it. I can’t stress enough how this story touched me. Not only the dealing with abuse but the also dealing with a loving relationship. The part where Archer finds there are good people willing to help is also heartwarming. I think this story sets a new level for this author’s stories.

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

Hayden Hall doesn't shy away from the difficult discussion of abuse and recovery in Rescued... please check the Look Inside section of the book for a complete list of trigger warnings, but if you don't like to read about domestic abuse and other issues, this one may be a pass for you....  Throughout the book we see Archer facing choices and decisions that will ultimately impact his future and whether he has one with Brooklyn, the moody and broody man he meets that is also rebuilding his own life...

This book is well paced, dramatic, emotional and impactful - all in a shorter but compelling read that just draws you in and holds you from start to finish.

Rating: 5 Stars

Janet's Review:

Rescued is the first story in an amazing new series, The Sanctuary. Archer is in an abusive relationship. He doesn’t have physical marks, but the mental abuse wrecks him. He escapes and is pulled over, but things go wrong and somehow luck is with him because a kind police officer helps him. He ends up at a LGBT shelter. There he meets Brooklyn. Brooklyn was kicked out of his home by his wealthy mother for kissing the neighbor when he was sixteen, bad choices and he ends up in prison. He ends up at the same shelter. 

This was an amazing story! You can feel their chemistry, the way that Brooklyn cares about people even if he comes across as a moody and grumpy guy. I loved the way this story ended because there were a few places that the author took us that had me holding my breath. 

Overall, a fantastic, amazing read! Well written with pacing that sucked me into the story and didn’t let me go until I flipped the last page.

Rating: 5 Stars

Rescued is currently available in paperback and e-book form and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription.