Mistle-Joe Kisses: An MM holiday romance (Games We Play) by DJ Jamison

A holiday romance from the Games We Play series, Mistle-Joe Kisses is a sweet novella with glimpses of those characters.

From the blurb:

Tis the season for Mistle-Joe kisses...

What happens when I step under the mistletoe with my co-worker at a holiday party? An idiotic, reckless mistake that could change everything.

Our sweet, chaste kiss quickly turns to fire. And when Joe offers himself up for the taking, I'm no longer strong enough to deny myself. At least, for one night.

It can't go any further. I've been down that road before--and mixing business and pleasure cost me everything. But the craving for him only gets stronger once I know how good we can be together.

Joe is sweet and considerate, and judging by the friendly overtures, he'd like more. But how can I trust my heart when it's led me astray before?

It's going to take a holiday festival, a drunk Santa, and a romantic carriage ride to make me see my grinchy heart has space to grow--a space just for Joe.

Janet's Review:

Mistle-Joe Kisses is in the Games We Play Universe. We met Augustus in Truth or Darren when Darren hired him to manage the office at Carr Care & Repair. We met Joe in 7 Minutes in Kevin when he was hired to work at the shop as a mechanic. Augustus attends one of Darren's parties and ends up under the mistletoe and kisses Joe. 

Joe was such a sweet and patient guy, perfect for the stiff, stoic Augustus! I loved the way these two danced around each other. Loved getting a little more of all the guys from the series! 

Overall, a fantastic novella, well written with addicting pacing that sucked me right into the story.

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

Need a sweet and sentimental holiday romance between an eager mechanic and the reluctant office manager who's been ignoring the mild flirting until they kiss under the mistletoe?  Then that's exactly what you'll get from DJ Jamison's holiday novella Mistle-Joe Kisses!  

With Jamison's blend of sweet and spicy prose, mixed with a dollop of humour and a dash of holiday magic, this novella is a great way to spend a winter's evening!  You don't have to have read the Games we Play series to enjoy it, but you will recognize some of the couples and friends who have been featured in the series.

Rating: 5 Stars

Angel's Review:

We got more meddling grannies and meddling townspeople in this story, about Joe and Augustus. I love the place setting in this story. I fell in love with the town ever since the first story. This series and town has just been amazing. These stories show how having perseverance and having loyal and caring friends can help bring fullness to your life. Even when you're missing your blood family, a found family is just as important and special. That's what Joe learned in this story and August learned how to trust again and how to overcome how a past relationship that went bad. 

These characters were great, just like the other characters in this series have been. I loved that we got glimpses of those characters in this story, that is my favorite part. Just cause their stories have been written doesn't mean the characters just vanish from the storyline. I love that DJ has kept the characters in each story, it adds humor and lightness and it's so great to read. 

I loved this holiday story about Joe and August. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Mistle-Joe Kisses is available to buy as ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.