Love at Frost Bite: Cupid (Mated to His Reindeer) by Minerva Howe

What happens when the boss of a matchmaking service meets his match?

From the blurb of Love at Frost Bite: Cupid:

Matchmaker and reindeer shifter Cupid is used to being able to set up even the most difficult client. So when three dates go wrong for a Mr. Remy Shannon, even in Christmas town where little goes poorly, he decides to take matters into his own hands.

Remy doesn't want to waste time dating when he knows he's looking for a true mate. He's an unusual shifter who needs someone who can handle him, so he's not willing to play nice social games. But Cupid is right up his alley, and Remy is willing to go the distance to woo him.

When a night of unexpected passion leads to a big surprise for Cupid, he and Remy have to find enough common ground to decide if they're going to work to appreciate all the gifts that have come their way, or if they're going to let their joy fade away with the holiday season.

This is a holiday shifter mpreg romance with lot of glitter and a happy ending!

Janet's Review:

Love at Frost Bite Cupid is part of the multi-author series, Mated to His Reindeer. Cupid runs a matchmaker service and had tried a few times to set up Remy with his perfect match. But Remy wants his fated mate, and none of the matches were his mate. Until they meet for coffee and Remy realizes that Cupid is his mate. They meet a few times, one of those times throws Cupid into heat, but he’s in denial and stupidly throws Remy away. 

This was a super sweet with heat and spicy holiday romance. Loved, loved, loved Remy and Cupid together, just perfect. 

Overall, a fantastic read that hooked me and didn’t let go, read in one sitting. Well written with great pacing.

Rating: 5 Stars

Angel's Review:

Disbelief, that's what happens. Cupid runs a matchmaking service that he created and runs. He tries to make sure everyone can have a match that suits him. When a client says that he's not getting any good matches, Cupid meets with him to see what's the matter. That's when these two start to like each other. After more meetings and them getting to know each other a bit, Remy knows Cupid is his mate. Cupid, however, strongly disagrees. After breaking Remy's heart, Cupid gets a stern talking to from Santa. He finally realizes that he and Remy are actually mates, something he didn't think existed anymore.

This story was short, unique, and very happy! I've read reindeer shifter books before, but I've never read about a Megaloceros shifter before. That was completely unique to this story. I really enjoyed the romance that these two have and I think their relationship is just adorable. I'm glad both of these men were able to find their person. 

Overall, a really good quick read about fated mates. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Love at Frost Bite: Cupid is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.