Life is Right Here: Life is Good Book 2 by Sophia Soames and Magdalena di Sotru

Laora calls Life is Right Here, "A sincere, fun and crazy loving rainbow family"

From the blurb:

“We’re going to have a brilliant Christmas, Andreas. Just like it was ten years ago, all of us together,” Vati said, placing steaming cups of coffee in front of us. “We’re just pointing out that you and Fredrik always had something special, and you haven’t seen each other for years. It will be lovely for you to reconnect.”
“Reconnecting is fine. We can discuss college life versus German nursing schools, drink J├Ągerbombs and watch weird Norwegian shit on TV. Christmas will be thrilling.”
“Andreas…” Vati warned as Lottie burst into giggles.
“You adore Fredrik. Still. I can see it in your eyes. You go all panic-stricken and weird when we even mention Freee—”
“Fredrik has a girlfriend in America. Maria hates my guts. Frank and Thomas will whip my butt for not visiting over summer, and anyway, I have to buy them a big present to bribe them to even talk to me.”
Vati smiled. “Frank and Thomas love you like a son, and they will just hug the shit out of you as usual.”
“Alongside Maria’s boyfriend, and Fredrik’s girlfriend. It will be a delightful group hug.” I snarled.
“Fredrik’s girlfriend isn’t coming. I told you that,” Vati said sternly. He was pissed off with me already, and we hadn’t even had breakfast.
“Whatever.” I huffed.
Awkward was the word I was looking for. This whole thing was going to be super awkward. Because they always were. And Fredrik? My world used to spin around the strange, blonde boy who was my best friend for a few years. He lit up my life. Then he fucked off. Well, he fucked off because I told him to. I was stupid and scared. I think he was too.

Awkward. That wasn’t even the start of what this Christmas was going to be like.

Life is Right Here takes place ten years after the end of Life is Good and Other Lies. Everyone has lived a little better. Loved a little harder. Lost and found, over and over again. But how do you move on when you are supposed to have grown up, but you are still the same person you were ten years ago? How do you find someone to love, when your heart will always belong to someone else?
But most of all, how do you keep living, when your world is slowly crumbling in front of your eyes, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

Life is right here. And you just have to somehow live it.

Life is Right Here is the second book in the Life is Good series, and the books should be read in order. Please read trigger warnings.

Laora's Review:

This second book takes mainly  place around the December holidays 10 years after book one.
I loved to get back into the lives of all the true  and sone outspoken characters. All the characters are likeable and well fleshed out, which is unusual.  

I absolutely adored this book and the interactions between all the characters. My heart ached and rejoiced for them all. I was glad to see how a lot of the characters get on even later in life through the epilogue. I highly recommend you read book one ' Life is Good and other Lies' and round it off with this wonderful follow up.

Rating: 5 Stars

Life is Right Here is currently available in paperback and e-book formats and can be read as part of your kindle unlimited subscription