Just Say When by Aimee Nicole Walker

The long-awaited book starring our favorite police chief Mendoza, is finally here! All Lio has to do to get his best friend is Just Say When

From the blurb:

Someone wants Police Chief Emilio Mendoza dead. And if his unknown assailant doesn’t kill him, pining for Sheriff Abraham Beecham just might.

Abe and Lio’s thirty-year journey has taken them from heated rivals to best friends with countless labels and pit stops along the way. Romance is the only avenue left unexplored but not from lack of love or desire.

Abe pushes people away before they can get too close, and Lio doesn’t engage in situations he can’t control. They’ve reached an impasse, and neither are willing to risk their friendship until fate intervenes, forcing them to reassess their priorities.

But when an unhinged enemy targets Lio, will their gamble be too little too late, or will their love truly conquer all?

Just Say When is a standalone romantic suspense novel within the author’s Savannah universe. This book contains mature content and is attended for adults. 

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

"All you have to do is just say when, Lio."

It's here! Mendoza's book is finally here!! From the glimpses we've gotten of Chief Mendoza in the past, I went into this, expecting the chief to be one of those strong silent types. Imagine my surprise when almost immediately the man had me laughing and swooning. I adored him and Abe together. Everyone knew these two lifelong best friends were meant to be, including our MCs. They'd each made efforts with other partners in their lives over the years, hence the fact that Lio is the proud father of Alex, his pre-teen son. Of course, we can't overlook the fact that Abe is Alex's godfather and just as close to the boy as his parents. However, none of those relationships went the total distance and I'm positive it's because these two men always knew they belonged together. In the past, the timing never seemed to be right, but both Abe and Lio are tired of waiting. It's time for them to put up or shut up, so to speak. Abe's ready to jump in with both feet. All Lio has to do is just say when.

I loved seeing the vulnerable sides of both these strong men. Sure, they like to tease each other and have a good time, but they also spent a lot of time communicating. It showed their maturity and readiness for a committed relationship. It was also lovely seeing the great relationship between not only Lio and his ex-wife Alyssa, but also the rest of the people in Alex's life. Alyssa and her husband Russ thought of Abe like family already and both he and Lio felt the same about them. These four plus Alex were a powerful family unit full of love, and it was just a joy to read. I'm so happy we got this book and I look forward to more in the Savannah Universe Miss Walker has created.

Rating: 5 Stars

SNik's Review:

Standalone but the story is set in the author’s Zero Hour/Sinister in Savannah universe. Longtime friends to lovers. Suspense. Mature main characters. Slow burn. Quick read. Dual POV. 

Can it finally be the right time for best friends Lio and Abe to finally give their love a chance after years of being there for each other? Police chief Lio and sheriff Abe were childhood competitors that then became military comrades and eventually the closest of friends. With a little trust and a rock solid commitment to be together, Lio and Abe agree to risk their hearts, all while juggling demanding jobs and a possible threat to Lio’s life. 

I really enjoyed learning about Lio’s family and Abe’s, their shared background, and the feeling that these men would do anything for each other. Lio and Abe’s close relationship is unshakable and their deep love allows their devotion to grow into the romantic and swoony partnership they have always hoped for. 

A great long-awaited love story for these two men.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

KjnRose's Review:

I absolutely loved this book.  It's a love story that took decades to finally find. I was happy to see Chief Mendoza finally get his HEA after seeing him in the other books.  There are wonderful characters and a great storyline that is easy to follow and I couldn't put it down once I started reading it.

Rating: 5 Stars

Just Say When is available to buy as an ebook