Intimate Moments: Searchlight (Tilthos Book 1) and A Solstice Sundering (Tilthos Pack 2): A Searchlight Paranormal Romance by Emily Carrington

Intimate Moments is a sweet novella. A Solstice Sundering is not a traditional romance.

From the Intimate Moments blurb:

When three couples face adversity, will they come out the stronger?

Wedding a Genie: Mark and Luke are getting married… or are they? Mark’s pride may not allow him to show how he feels to a roomful of his nearest and dearest.

The Mating Ceremony: Ethan and Jeremy have been forced into a mating ceremony that’s more about the ceremony than the love that drew them together. Will they still love each other when it’s all over?

The Separation: Separated by hundreds of miles and a promise, Charlie and Luis long for each other. Can their love stand this new separation? 

From the A Solstice Sundering blurb:

When Ethan is all but ordered to come home for Winter Solstice to the birth pack that kicked him out, his strained relationship with Jeremy is brought to the forefront. 

Can they, and their son, weather this storm or will they be separated for all time?

Janet's Review:

Intimate Moments is the first in the Tilthos Pack and is a sweet set of short novellas revolving around three couples that are marrying or bonding. Each was sweet and steamy with heat. 

A Solstice Sundering is the second in the Tilthos Pack. A Solstice Sundering is stepping away from traditional romances, I picked up this novella by Emily Carrington. It's a short read that didn't take me long to get through. 

I'd consider it higher angst with the resolution not coming until the last chapter. Ethan tended to communicate with his body, rather than words, so expect some medium to high heat. 

Perfect for those that want something less traditional. Overall, it’s well written with nice steady pacing.

Rating: 4 Stars

Intimate Moments and A Solstice Sundering are available to buy as an ebook