Christmas Heat (Bangers & Mash #4) by M.M. Farmer

Christmas Heat by MM Farmer is my favorite of the Bangers & Mash series. It’s an instant holiday classic, and I’m sure I’ll be re-reading it before Christmas Eve.

From the blurb:

‘Tis the season for surprise heats, fake boyfriends, and landing on the naughty list…


It was looking like I might have the worst Christmas ever. I tanked a presentation at work that could cost my job, I drove my car into a snow bank on the way home for the holidays, and then my heat started while I was trapped in the mountains. The only glimmer of hope came from the tip I got to call an Emergency Support Alpha from Bangers & Mash. And wow, Teddy! How could I not catch feelings?

I’ve never had a stranger take my heat. Can I really do it…and then face my family afterwards?


I hated Christmas. Always had. Christmas is for families, and all I had was a famous brother who ignored me. So taking an ESA call to help an omega in distress sounded perfect. And there was something about that particular omega that I liked…a lot. But giving Dan a ride to his parents’ house ended up with me pretending to be his boyfriend. It all got out of hand before either of us could put the brakes on.

How am I supposed to make like I’m Mr. Christmas…while falling hard for the very last omega I should be giving my heart to?

Christmas Heat is a stand-alone in the Bangers & Mash series, and contains a lot of playing—in the snow and not in the snow, a large, colorful family that gets the wrong idea, all they want for Christmas and then some, and plenty of ho, ho, ho!

However, PLEASE NOTE – No omegas are impregnated in the course of this story, although it does happen in this universe, and there is no shifting in this world.

Ms Aimers' Review:

Dan is an omega who had what may have been the worst day of of his professional life. To top it off, he drove into a snowbank and went into heat a bit earlier than he expected. Teddy is an experienced ESA (emergency support alpha) whom we’ve met earlier in the series. Teddy isn’t a fan of Christmas for reasons explained in the book which is why he was available for Dan’s emergency.

This book hit all the emotional notes for me. Teddy finds himself in familiar circumstances with the needs of his omega, yet they are also unfamiliar circumstances because of the emotions he feels and the thoughts popping into his head. 

I feel that one of highlights of the book was when Dan asked Teddy for a ride to his family’s Christmas gathering. Queue the comedy and drama only family can bring. Prepare yourself for an enjoyable binge read with a happily ever after (in more ways than one)! 

Rating: 5 Stars

Angel's Review:

This story was about Teddy, who's an ESA. He gets called to help out an Omega. That Omega that needs his help is Dan. 

Dan was driving home from Christmas when he crashed his car into a snowbank. After the tow man said his car won't be fixed for a few days, he checks into a cabin that's nearby. There he realizes that he's getting his heat and calls Bangers and Mash. He never expected the alpha they sent to him. He also didn't expect that he was going to fall for this stranger, either. Read yourself to see how their story unfolds! 

MM Farmer knows how to write Alpha and Omega stories. I enjoyed how Dan was fighting for his a place in an alpha dominated industry. I also loved Dan's family and how they embraced Teddy and supported one another. Except for Grandpa Dennis, I got one did not like his character. He was definitely the Christmas Scrooge in this story, which was a surprise considering I thought Teddy was the scrooge at first. 

Teddy doesn't enjoy Christmas anymore due to the fact that his brother is 'Mr. Christmas ' and he hasn't spoken to him nor spent time together in years. With Dan and Dan's family's help, he believes in the magic of Christmas, what the holiday means, and maybe, just maybe, he'll get to spend the holiday with his brother. 

I really enjoy the books in this series and this one was such a good Christmassy addition. I know that mpreg exists in this world even though it's not written on page, but I would like if we could see a glimpse into the future of these characters having kids together. Maybe an epilogue? 

Overall really good!

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Christmas Heat is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.