Are You Kitten Me By Quinn Anderson

Who knew a kitten would be how these two men would meet? 

From the Are You Kitten Me blurb:

Free to Good Home: two sweet males, need lots of love!

Shane Maguire is over-stressed and under-loved. He’s finally landed a respectable job at an upscale restaurant, but the brutal hours have butchered his chances at romance. When his dad suggests he fill the void with a pet, Shane agrees and falls head-over-heels for a gorgeous shelter kitten. There’s only one problem: the handsome stranger who claims he saw her first. They can’t both adopt her, so Shane proposes they share custody . . . of a cat. What could go wrong?

Damian Murphy used to love working from home, but prolonged isolation has made the passing days a blur. He hopes his adorable new tabby will shake things up. Now if only Shane would stop insisting she’s their cat and disappear already, same as all the other men in his life. But the more time they spend together, the harder it is to deny their smoldering chemistry.

Meatball is a kitten. She is very cute, which is important because of reasons. For such a little cat, Meatball has big problems. Her dads are in denial, and as much as she enjoys watching them dance around each other, they need a claw in the right direction. If the three of them are going to be a real family, someone will have to play matchmaker. And Meatball is just the intrepid kitty for the job.

Angel's Review:

After coming home alone to his apartment and doing nothing but going to work, once his dad suggests he should get a pet, Shane goes to an animal shelter. There he lays his eyes on the most gorgeous cat he's ever seen. She is his cat! Until he finds out that another man is trying to adopt her at the same time he is. Whatever will they do? Co-parent, of course! Neither of these two men knew what would conspire from them sharing a kitten. They certainly did expect to end up being friends, let alone becoming boyfriends. But sometimes life just likes to intervene. 

I just want to say this was truly adorable, a definite slow burn. There were times where I thought they were finally going to get together only for them to not get together. So in that instance, it was a bit dragged out, but I understand why. Damian had a lot of trust issues, and he was scared. He had to work through his issues. So I get it, but if slow burn romances aren't your thing, then you might not like this as much. However, I loved these characters. My favorite profession in books to read about is chefs/bakers. And Shane is a chef, I enjoyed reading about the detailed dishes he was making. 

The characters were well written, as was the story itself. My favorite character is meatball. She was so cute and adorable. Not to mention she kept causing mischief. I loved her. She definitely helped further this story along, and she's definitely the one who brought these two together. 

Overall, a great cute read! 

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Are You Kitten Me is available to buy as an ebook and paperback.