A Night at the Theatre (Shadows of London, #5.5) by Ariana Nash

A Night at the Theatre is a return to the Shadows of London world, with a brief, but fantastic, glimpse of married life for Dom and Kempthorne. The three J's share their reviews.

From the blurb:

A night at the theatre with Alexander Kempthorne... what could possibly go wrong?

When Kempthorne asks Dom to join him for a night at the theatre, Dom can hardly refuse. He's fought mad shadow witches, insane ex-partners, and a whole lot of twitchy artefacts. How hard can

schmoozing rich people be?

Of course, Kempthorne forgot to mention the King of England will be there.

It's all going well, until a suspect bomb is found and the spotlight falls on Dom.

Car chases, Tasers, and some back-room spice, Dom's not sure this is how a typical theatre trip goes. MI6, the London Metropolitan Police, and the king's personal security all want a piece of him.

If Dom has any chance of avoiding prison, he and Kempthorne must find the real would-be assassin before the curtain falls.

A Night at the Theatre is a Shadows of London novella that takes place after Without a Trace, Shadows of London #5. The series must be read in order.

Janet's Review:

A Night at the Theatre is a novella giving us glimpse into Kempthorne and Dom’s date night. Alex takes Dom to the theater, but Dom gets a little uptight when he’s informed that the King will be there. But as soon as they step in, Dom is treated suspect. A bomb is found, and Dom is treated as if he planted it. 

Freakin fantastic, non-stop action and adventure, life saving elements, MI6 and the London Police. Old friends help Alex clear Dom’s name. True love, hot and steamy, spicy make this a phenomenal, page turning read. Well written, couldn’t stop reading pacing!

Rating: 5 Stars

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

Damn I missed Dom and Kempthorne and all the crazy shenanigans they get into. This novella gives us a fun glimpse into married life post latent curing and let me tell you folks, not much has changed. And seriously, only Kempthorne could plan a lovely date night that goes this awry. 

Is there anyone from the past that doesn't wanna see one of these loveable knuckleheads dead? Hold my wine, I'll wait....

Rating: 5 Stars

Jacquie's Review:

Hooray for more Dom and Kempthorne! I was delighted when the author revealed another story in this world and this was a perfect novella length look at their HEA.

It doesn't sugar-coat anything. Due to their pasts, Dom and Kempthorne will always have complicated lives, but their bond is unshakeable! I adore this couple and the lengths they will go to in order to protect each other.

Plenty of action and steam. I enjoyed every second of it

Rating: 5 Stars

A Night at the Theatre is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription for a limited time.