A Little Bit of Magic by Lily Lamb (Playful Fantasy)

Every once in a while an author friend slides into my DM's and reminds me that they have something new and I was looking for something fun and playful when Lily Lamb told me about A Little Bit of Magic...

From the blurb:

Efe swore he’d never get involved with another man after catching his partner in bed with their neighbor, who happens to be Efe’s close friend. Furious and hurt, he sells his estate. Having quit his prestigious job, he moves to a small town, Elmhurst. He likes living by himself in the woods in his large log cabin, being one with nature. The thing is, Efe wants to hire a housekeeper.

Samh, a mysterious arrival in town, kept getting caught by his employers instead of cleaning homes. He became the butt of the jokes in his Fae World, so he runs away to a new realm to start afresh.

Things get a lot more complicated when Efe hires Samh as his housekeeper. All the vows Efe made to himself about relationships and Samh wanting to turn a fresh page come to a grinding halt when these two men are drawn to each other. Sprinkling a little bit of magic, patience, and a few toys can turn all hurt and desires into reality.

Warning: Adult fantasy gay romance with explicit scenes. This story is a stand-alone, but it is preferable to have read Daddy In Training to get acquainted with Faine and his mate David.

Heather's Review:

A Little Bit of Magic is a holiday story set in a world where Fae meets the Human world and introduces us to Efe, a brownie with a desperate need to play with toys and the human daddy who doesn't know he needs a boy like Efe in his life...

Best read after Daddy in TrainingA Little Bit of Magicc brings together two bruised and battered souls and provides some fun miscommunication along the way.  It does deal with some pretty terrible backstory for how the two men are treaded, but definitely delivers on the sweet, playful fantasy romance that is promised.

A Little Bit of Magic was a quick read and I recommend you check it out if your looking for a different sort of holiday twist...

Rating: 4 stars

A Little Bit of Magic is available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription