Vow Maker by Lily Morton (Mixed Messages Series Book 4)

Vow Maker is a short story in the Mixed Messages universe and features the lead up to Gabe and Dylan's wedding - or does it?

From the blurb:

Dylan Mitchell wants to get married.

However, after seven years of being engaged, that’s looking slightly doubtful. After going through ten wedding planners, they’re gaining a reputation somewhat akin to Henry the Eighth on the wedding circuit.

Gabe has vetoed symbolic dove releases, forests of flowers, fire-eating performers, and puce as a wedding colour. He’s confounded an army of wedding professionals, and now Dylan, the man who knows and loves him better than anyone, has joined the ranks of the confused. Can anything please his fiancĂ© and get them to the altar?

From bestselling author Lily Morton comes the sequel to Rule Breaker. A romantic comedy novella full of family chaos, meddling friends, sexy bathroom encounters, and love. Always love

Heather's Review:

It's always great to revisit characters after they get their initial HEA - and it's even better when they have Lily Morton's signature snark to check in on... and Vow Maker doesn't disappoint!

Wedding planning is stressful, but it's also fun to read about in this short story that has Dylan and Gabe trying to pin down just how they want their wedding to be - and antagonizing the most dedicated wedding planners...  

This story will keep you smiling and laughing out loud from beginning to epilogue - warning, you many not want to read as you drink, I actually had a spit-take in the 6th chapter...

Rating: 5 Stars

Janet's Review:

Vow Maker is the fourth book in the Mixed Messages world and is Dylan and Gabe’s countdown to their nuptials! 

Gabe and Dylan always were one of my favorite couples. I struggled reading this because I was laughing so hard; I had tears rolling in the beginning. The sass and snark are top-notch in this! All their meeting with the different wedding planners were so funny but Joe’s was fantastic! I really hope he gets a story! 

We got a little more of Gabe’s past. We got to see all the guys, Henry, Ivo, Silas, Oz and Jude, and we cannot forget Dylan’s wacky family. Such a fantastic group of characters! 

Overall, a phenomenal feel-good story sure to make you snort and laugh out loud at the humor and snark!! Well written with pacing that kept me flipping the pages and left me smiling!

Rating: 5 Stars

Sheena's Review:

No lie here, I was so happy when I found out we were going back into the Mixed Messages world, and specifically catching up with Gabe and Dylan. It was like catching up with a very old friend, it felt like I'd only seen them the other day.

All the snark is still there, from both Gabe and Dylan and I'm so happy they're still sparking off each other. There's a somewhat serious thread through the story too, a deeper dive into Gabe's past, but it was so lovely to see the trust and love these two have for each other and have worked at over the years they've been together. All the trademark Lily humour is there too, that first meeting with Joe the wedding planner is totally hilarious.

Loved all the easter eggs too, 'seeing' Jude again, Henry, Ivo, Silas and Oz too, and seeing how their lives are doing was wonderful.

I'm happy we got this story with Dylan and Gabe and this chance to see their wedding, it was all as I'd expect it to be and I loved it all.

Rating: 5 Stars

Vow Maker is available as an ebook and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription

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Vow Maker
By Lily Morton

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I sigh. Another one bites the dust. At this point in our journey towards matrimony, I’ve said those words so many times I could part-time as a Freddie Mercury impressionist. Gabe looks at me as if expecting me to leap in and save him, but it’s every man for himself. I dealt with the last five wedding planners. It’s his turn.

And I must say it’s a very entertaining use of an hour as I watch Gabe finally meet his match. Helen moves from a vigorous defence of her wedding vision—one that belongs only in a Netflix historical drama—to indignation and, at last, rage. It’s a familiar destination if you’re dealing with Gabe.

Finally, however, she accepts defeat, saying in a very shrill voice, “You will never know marital bliss with that kind of attitude, Mr Foster.” Slinging her pashmina over her shoulder, she exits our house in a cloud of ire and Chanel perfume.

I stretch as Gabe comes back into the room after letting her out. “Helen, one. Gabe, nought.” I mime a tennis swing. “New balls, please.”

“That’s a very mixed metaphor and explains a great deal about your sports knowledge.” The love of my life heads to the cupboard and pulls out a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label. He waggles the bottle at me. “Want one?”

Now? Isn’t it a bit early?”

“You tell me. Haven’t we got another planner coming in an hour? They’re like excessively happy buses.”

“I’ll have half the bottle,” I say promptly.

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Lily is a bestselling gay romance author. She writes love stories filled with heat and humour.

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Lily has spent her life with her head full of daydreams, and decided one day to just sit down and start writing about them. In the process she discovered that she actually loved writing, because how else would she get to spend her time with hot and funny men?

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