#TeaserTuesday: Mistletoe Wishes & Hookups by Kota Quinn


Today, we're happy to share with you a #TeaserTuesday exclusive excerpt from Kota Quinn's Mistletoe Wishes & Hookups, available Friday December 2, 2022.

From the Blurb:

CEO Nathan James is newly divorced and needs a distraction. When his sister asks Nathan to come home for the holidays, and help out at her B&B, he realizes a White Christmas might be exactly what he needs.

Nathan doesn't need to fall for the tall and beautiful younger man who comes to his rescue, even if his shy smile reawakens Nathan’s heart.

Working part-time at the ice rink, Elijah Hall knows almost everyone in small-town Skystead, Maine. Everyone except the handsome and muscular man who is flailing around like a newborn faun on the ice. Elijah is more than happy to rescue the sexy stranger, even though it's Elijah who truly wishes to be cherished.

What starts as a sweet meet-cute quickly leads to an awkward misunderstanding and eventually turns into one hot hookup.

When Nathan and Elijah collide they try to fight it, but their chemistry is undeniable. They can't seem to keep their hands to themselves, and fate, or something like it, keeps pushing them together. Also, who in the freaking sugar cookies keeps hanging mistletoe everywhere?

Mistletoe Wishes & Hookups is a standalone small-town Christmas MM romance filled with letters, holiday cheer, DIY projects, steamy nights, and all the winter-themed drinks.  


“Sorry, Millie, I spaced out. Anyways, I am here to officially drop off my Christmas Cupid
application.” I whispered the last part, still slightly embarrassed to be doing this. “I filled it out
online, and it told me to finalize the last part in person and to schedule when to pick up my first

Movement caught my eye, and I saw a very handsome, masculine man glancing at
some trinkets through the window. He was only a few feet away, but he probably couldn’t see
me with the sun so bright outside and the low lighting atmosphere of the shop. Looking at him
felt like it sucked all the breath out of my lungs, and my heart did a little flip.

The man was devastatingly handsome and looked like an Italian male model. Exactly my
type. He was shorter than me but solid and muscular. He had beautiful brown eyes and a small
smirk on his face as he eyed something through the window. He glanced down at his phone and
walked away.

Turn around. Come on, turn around.

Something about him screamed for me to chase after him, but that was insane. I didn’t
recognize the guy, and I doubted he would even swing my way. He probably had ladies lined up
around the block for a piece of that.

Okay, wow. Way to stereotype, Elijah.

I silently lectured myself. So maybe he could, possibly, potentially, kind of like men, but
the chances of him liking a tall and slim makeup-loving person such as myself, who also liked to
give up control in the bedroom? Yeah, again I doubted it. People saw my six-four frame and just
assumed that with all this height, I would take control in the bedroom. Totally not my thing.

“Spaced out again, huh? I don’t blame you. Nathan is a good-looking man.”

A blush started to heat my cheeks as I whipped my head back in Millie’s direction.

“Millie! Oh my goodness.” I laughed as I held my mitten covered hands over my cheeks and
prayed my blush would go away.

She chuckled and passed me a letter.

“Wait, you already have someone picked out? I literally just passed you my application a
minute ago.”

“Actually, that was five minutes ago. You were deep in thought, and I have the perfect
person for you.”

“Impossible.” I smirked at her, then narrowed my eyes. I glanced down at her
outstretched hand and I began to shake my head. I plucked the letter from her hands. “Did Nana
pick out this person for me?”

Nana was known for her uncanny ability to predict the future. I’m not sure if that ability
was something she genuinely thought she had or something she did for fun, but I wouldn’t put it
past her to meddle and play matchmaker.

“No, sweetie. You aren’t even supposed to know I was the one who picked this one, but I
have a really good feeling about them.”

“You know I’m moving out of state, right, Millie? I don’t think this pen pal will be a love
match, but even if we do have a connection, I still plan to move in January. I’m basically doing
this in honor of Nana and Gramps.”

There was a sparkling mischievous look in her eyes. “Why are your eyes twinkling
Millie? You really are up to no good.”

“Silly Elijah, that’s just my cataracts.”

Mistletoe Wishes & Hookups is currently available for pre-order on Amazon!