#TeaserTuesday: Devil May Care by Lark Taylor (The Reckless Damned #2)


We are very excited to give you a sneak peek at Lark Taylor's Devil May Care for Teaser Tuesday before it releases tomorrow (November 9). We hope you enjoy this excerpt.

From the Blurb:


I’ll tell you what isn’t on my agenda for this century: finding my fated mate only to have him reject me.

In fact, having a mate and tying myself down for eternity isn’t even a blip on my radar. But the moment I meet Bailey, there’s no denying he’s meant to be mine. Everything about the gentle Welsh giant calls to me, consuming my thoughts.

The problem? He doesn’t feel the same way. One life-altering kiss has him running in the other direction, leaving me to watch over him from the shadows.
When the opportunity arises to build a friendship, I grab it with both hands. Surely being his friend is better than nothing, right?

It will have to be, especially with a clan of mages sniffing around and looking for trouble. Not unusual since I am an estranged son of Lucifer. But now that I have my mate to consider, things are a lot more serious. How can I truly protect Bailey when he doesn’t even know I’m a demon?


I learned a long time ago that relationships aren’t for me. Nobody wants to commit to a bigger guy, especially one who craves a different role in the bedroom.

When Harlow sashays into my life, I can’t help but wish things could be different. Sure, he seems interested, but history has proven that eventually, everyone leaves me.

There’s no way a vibrant firecracker like Harlow wants to be anything more than friends.

But the closer we get, the harder it is to keep him at arm’s length. He tells me he wants a relationship, but how can I believe him when I know he’s hiding something from me?

Devil May Care is an exciting, high-heat, friends-to-lovers paranormal romance with a guaranteed HEA. It is the second book in The Reckless Damned series, and although it can be read as a standalone, more enjoyment would be gained from reading the series in order. Each book focuses on a different couple and will have an HEA.


Then, the fantasy shifted.

Suddenly, Harlow was pushing me against the wall. Nipping his way down my back. Running his fingers down my crease while his breath was a taunting whisper in my ear.

“This is what you really want, isn’t it?”

I whimpered, taking myself back in hand. I imagined Harlow toying with my hole as he continued to whisper dirty things to me. He’d start off slow, taunting me with small movements until I pleaded for more. Then he’d give me what I wanted, stretching me with quick, efficient strokes until I was soft and pliant for him.

There was no stopping the orgasm as my hand flew over myself in fast jerky motions. There was also no stopping the fantasy as Harlow pushed on my shoulders with steady hands until I was on my knees. He pulled my cheeks apart, his breath ghosting over my pucker…

That was the image that pushed me over the edge. Cum sprayed over the tiles as I roared with my release. My whole body trembled as wave after wave raced through me. Even with my chest heaving from one of the most intense orgasms of my life, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed that I hadn’t been able to hold out for a little bit longer.

Never mind. I’d have to revisit this little fantasy later when…

Not later. I told myself sternly, even as my deflated cock tried to perk up again at the mere suggestion of more Harlow fantasies in our future. As I reached to turn the shower off, the sound of the doorbell made me freeze.

Shit. Harlow was early.

Slamming the water off, I slipped in my haste to jump over the side of the tub and grab my towel. I wrapped it around my waist as I dashed down the stairs, trying to keep the guilt over what I’d just been doing hidden.

As I yanked the door open and saw Harlow, I knew I had no hope. I could practically feel the heat radiating from me as I scanned the outfit he wore. He’d gone for a tight black V-neck topped with a well-worn leather jacket. His jeans again were artfully ripped, the skin beneath begging for my touch. He wore the biker boots he’d had on when we met for dinner at Oscar’s. Suddenly, I was hit with the image of him standing over me, wearing them and nothing else.

“Well, well,” Harlow drawled, one eyebrow rising as he tracked a rivulet of water from my collarbone, down the centre of my chest, and over my stomach. “What do we have here?”

My skin heated under the caress of his gaze, and I was suddenly very aware of the fact I was only wearing a towel. Christ, what must Harlow think of me? Why hadn’t I stopped to grab a shirt?

Pulling the towel tighter around my waist, I opened the door wide for him to enter. As the door closed behind him, I gestured towards the stairs. “I’m just going to…”

Before I could move, Harlow stepped into my space. He was so close I could feel his breath on my chest. He cocked his head to the side as he peered up from under his eyelashes.

“You’re awfully out of breath for someone who’s been in the shower.” He ran a finger down my chest, and I sucked in a breath at the contact. “Whatcha been up to, Bailey?”

My face burned as memories of exactly what I’d gotten off to flickered through my mind. I cleared my throat, keeping my eyes fixed on the space above Harlow’s shoulder. “Nothing. I ran down the stairs to get the door. That’s all.”

“Hm. See, I’d almost be able to buy that if you could look me in the eye.”

My gaze snapped down to his, and my mouth fell open. Harlow’s eyes flashed triumphantly as his finger rested on the top of my towel. Shame and desire warred at his touch. Despite my efforts in the shower, I could feel my cock plumping in response.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of…especially if you were thinking of me.”

Before I could come up with a response to that, Harlow shot me a wink and stepped back, heading down the hall.

I was still standing there, stunned, when he spoke over his shoulder, mischief in his eyes. “If it helps, you’re always who I picture when I jerk off.”


Devil May Care is available for pre-order on Amazon and will be available as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.