Stunning Cover Reveal and Exclusive Excerpt for The Hot Shot By C.N. Marie writing as Sophia Nixs

Cover Reveal and Exclusive Excerpt for
The Hot Shot
By C.N. Marie writing as Sophia Nixs


Coming December 1st

The North Avenue Live Guys Series, Book 1


I wanted to be the best; that was always the goal, and getting out from under my tyrant of a boss and setting up a business with my brother was the way I achieved that.
But, in order to maintain the advantage, I have to network. Unfortunately, these events are less than the social highlight I imagined them to be but, when I ditch the expected fiery redheaded woman for a night of passion with someone completely unexpected, sparks fly.
It’s a one-off, or that’s what I tell myself.
An indulgence I can’t be allowed if I want to succeed. And I do. I will.


I’m struggling. That’s how these things always start, right?
Things are hard and someone rushes in to my rescue and magically fixes every problem I’ve ever had with nothing more than a click of their fingers. Unfortunately, I live in the real world where you have to fix problems yourself, which is how I found myself signing a contract with one of the most renowned advertising companies in the area.
What I wasn’t expecting, was the man I had a one-night stand with to be my new manager, and it’s more than clear the rest of the world doesn’t know what I do about him.

There are more than hearts on the line in this whirlwind romance. Will Sebastian give in to his indulgence and fight for his man? Or will Walker’s dreams crumble alongside the love he thought he had?

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I know I was a confident guy in most situations—I had to be as a bar owner and performing once a week in a small band at venues—but the thought of approaching Sebastian made me want to run in the opposite direction and cower away, worried at the potential of rejection. I’d been turned away by men before, not many, but still, that defeats the fact. Dee was right; there was something brewing between the two of us and no matter how much I wanted to deny that, I couldn’t. I’d regret not talking to the guy whilst he was alone, let alone doing what I desperately wanted to and ask him to come and have a drink at mine. It may be forward, but I wasn’t a guy to sit back and risk losing my opportunity of getting some quiet time with him alone. I had learned the hard way that you have to live each moment like it’s your last because if you don’t, you may regret it. I knew that something could happen when you least expect it and then everything that you had planned together could be lost in the blink of an eye.

Dee was subject to that loss and that pain. I’d never forget her crumbling at my side when she got that call. The instant stab of pain of knowing the one person she pushed away was now gone forever and she could never make amends with him, all because of a stupid argument. Her one true love was gone and her heart had become shattered in the process. I always promised her that I’d never be idle to open my heart to a chance of love. I’d brushed it off until now, thinking that it was an unnecessary thought but Sebastian made me feel something that I hadn’t before. There was an invisible link pulling me in toward him that I couldn’t control, and rather than pull against it and battle every step, I was going to chase after it, even if it turned into a dead end.

I watched Dee’s car pull away before I headed in the direction, she said she saw Sebastian go. I was careful not to draw attention to myself until I saw the outline of his silhouette trying to hide away from the view of the main path. I was glad I was cautious and slow in my search. 

I inched up until I placed my back on the corner of the building and reached my hand around to skim his side, alerting him to my presence. I could hear his ragged breath in the air surrounding us.

“I assume you are running from the event,” I said, forcing the words out. “Or the people here but then, it could just be me in particular.” I rounded the corner the moment he reached out and I gasped at the slight touch of our fingers caressing one another. He cocked his eyebrow and as his mouth slightly parted, it was as if I had burnt him instantly. “It seems like I scare you Sebastian, or maybe I make you nervous?” I asked as an unfamiliar sense and urge of want pumped through my veins. 

I battled my control, glancing at the sexy man standing in front of me. Fuck it! He had words and he’d use them if he wanted me to stop. I placed each of my hands on either side of his head and leant forward, closing the gap between us and watching for any hesitation as Sebastian gulped hard. His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down and I was desperate to lick my tongue along it, travel down the length of his neck until I could rip open that shirt of his. 

“It’s just if you were avoiding me,” I continued, “then the next question I’d have to ask you would be pointless and it would defeat the object of me standing here like this.”

“And what’s that?” he replied huskily in a deep tone that made my dick twitch immediately. It was a tone of sheer restraint that I could tell was well mastered and controlled but I was determined to snap it tonight. Sebastian had shown me with just a few words of little context that he wanted me as much as I wanted him and that it was game on. He may not be as open about his thoughts but fuck if that mattered to me. People hid away for many reasons and as long as he was certain that he wanted me, that was all that mattered. “I could…”

“Oh Sebastian, you know exactly what I want and I love the fact that you’re so coy about it. I won’t push that,” I replied. I opened my jacket pocket and pulled out a pen and piece of paper. I didn’t even hesitate as I began scribbling down my address on the piece of paper and handed it to him. “You could meet me here in thirty minutes, say your goodbyes to your friend inside and have a drink with me at mine.”

“And why would I want to do that?” Sebastian’s eyes widened as he whispered the words shakily. His body looked tense as I took a step forward, crowding his personal space. “Walker…”

“Because of this…” I moved my hands down the wall to my side, turning my body to block the path fully with my form and gripped his hand that was the furthest away from us. I licked my lips before skimming his hand across the front of my fitted suit trousers and solid length, making my breath hitch in the process. “That’s why and I know you’re just as desperate. Check the piece of paper.”

I walked off back towards the cars, my heart in my chest beating away rapidly, too scared to turn around and see if Sebastian was still there watching me or if he’d run off at my direct approach.

All I knew for certain was he never told me to stop.

He didn’t seem fazed by my moments. It was as if he wanted more.

I just hoped that in thirty minutes, Sebastian would decide to take me up on my offer and I would be greeted by a knock at my apartment door because I was desperate to taste those lips of his.

Amongst other things. 


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About the Author:

Sophia Nixs is a romance author from the United Kingdom that writes steamy contemporary MM romance.

Sophia is a romantic at heart, she adores everything to do with love. In her eyes, when someone finds loves that's all that matters.

Sophia’s dream is to live in the countryside where she can write her stories from her book nook whilst looking out at the gorgeous scenery in peace and quiet.

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