Save Me Santa by M.A. Innes

"I loved this book so much. A secret santa elf is always so sweet!" Autumn on Save Me Santa.

From the blurb:

Save me, Santa. Please. I’ve been very good this year and I haven’t bought any toys in months.” (Shh…white lies are okay when spiders are involved.)

When a Christmas wish has a Secret Santa showing up to save the day, Brady knows he’s found the man, or possibly elf, of his dreams…until he gets accidentally poisoned and can’t remember his Christmas savior. But Santa comes to his rescue again when his Secret Santa rewards his good behavior with a new toy and a sweet letter. However, the one thing the note doesn’t tell him is the name of the man who saved the day.

Thin walls make for weird neighbors.

When open windows have Jude heading upstairs to save his neighbors from the biggest spider he’s ever seen, he’s just a bit frustrated. Well, he’s frustrated until the cutest little he’s ever seen kisses his cheek and thanks him for saving the day. Now the biggest problem is his cute little’s lack of memory and the fact that they’d never actually spoken before the great spider invasion.

Sometimes the holidays are stressful…and sometimes they’re magic.

Author’s Note: While Jude does have to go rescue Brady from a rather large spider, it’s a funny scene and not stressful. The spider is not harmed and no one is actually scared…just slightly confused and wondering if they’re hallucinating. (Brownies with an unfortunate ingredient were also involved, so it was perfectly acceptable to question reality.)

Autumn's Review:

I loved everything about this book. Brady is probably one of my favorite characters so far. I'm almost envious of the huge family Brady has, since I don't have many cousins or siblings of my own. But, I do have kids who keep the chaos on a daily basis for me as it is. 

I do hope we get so see more of the little side of Brady in other books though.

Rating: 5 Stars

Save Me Santa is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.