Night Treasures (Midnight Magic #5) by Richard Amos

Night Treasures ends with a phenomenal satisfying ending! Warlock and Vampires work together to get their hard fought HEA

From the blurb:

There’s no rest for the, erm… Well, for me.

Or for Tae Frost.

Chaos reigns supreme, everything turned upside down.
The world is calling out for a hero.
Can I rise to the challenge, or am I doomed to linger in the dark?

I have to hold on to hope.
For Tae.
For Fizz.
For the whole of my heart.

You have to be strong…

Night Treasures is the fifth and final book in an Urban Fantasy Romance series packed with magic, demons, action, and steamy moments. Step into the world of a warlock who always tries to see the sunny side of life, and the sexy vampire who makes his knees go weak.

This book is not a standalone and is best enjoyed by reading the series in order.

Janet's Review:

Night Treasures is the fifth book in the Midnight Magic Book series. I literally couldn’t put this down when I started it. 

We are finally at the end of Clay and Tae’s story, and that makes me sad. This has been a fantastic series. Warlock and vampires working together, all the love of these characters, hard fought HEA. This story blew me away. The world building was phenomenal. It was really well written, and the pacing hooked me. The story was wrapped up very satisfyingly. 

Overall, an outstanding ending to the series, highly recommend!

Rating: 5 Stars

Night Treasures is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.