Leo on Fire (FBI Files Book 2) by Patricia Logan

Lots of action with agents Leo and Max in Leo on Fire, the second installment of the FBI Files by Patricia Logan. As they try to track down kidnappers and serial killers, Leo and Max strengthen their partnership both at work and at home. Two committed and caring main characters are worth following in this series.

From the blurb:

Some days, fighting crime, just doesn’t pay.

FBI Profiler, Leo Reeves, has settled into his new job and his new life in Los Angeles. Working with Max Prince every day in the office is fulfilling but not as satisfying as burning up the sheets with him every night at home. Their first case together as partners resulted in the bad guys either behind bars or six feet under, but neither man thinks they’ve completely put an end to the murderous ring. As time goes on, and they interview the stragglers they managed to arrest, the agents realize a much larger organization is at work.

Could a criminal mastermind be controlling multiple cells of murderers?

When one of their team is gunned down in a senseless mass shooting, all bets are off. Leo and Max are fueled by a new motive…rage. As more corpses from their first case are identified, new information about the ring begins to emerge. Worse yet, when they realize copycats are mirroring the work of famous serial killers, things get gruesome. For Leo, working as a profiler has always been his passion but he starts to rethink everything when one copycat begins skinning his victims.

When they connect the gunman to a criminal biker gang, things get even nastier.

Worst of all, an old nemesis of Snow and McCallahan suddenly resurfaces when they stumble onto a scene staged to look like a horror movie…a real-life horror movie. When the case begins to threaten Leo’s sanity, Max’s protective instincts kick in, big time. He wants his lover safe in his arms and away from reminders of the past. From the MDC in downtown L.A. to the scorching deserts around Victorville, this case simply must end…right?

SNik's Review:

Leo on Fire is the second in series (FBI Files), must be read in order. Action/suspense. Coworkers. Found family. Hurt/comfort. Established couple. 

FBI agents Leo and Max are still working to shut down the larger group of killers profiting off of kidnapping and killing people for money. Especially stressful is that one of the serial killers is a copycat of a killer from Leo’s past and appears to be targeting Leo and Max with his kills. While the investigation has them dealing with criminals from their past as well as a criminal motorcycle club, there is plenty of action for Leo and Max as well as their whole team of FBI agents. 

Lots of steamy times for the couple as they grow closer and realize that their relationship has quickly turned to love. Max is committed to being there for Leo and as they work together and live together they are  supportive and caring with each other making them a couple to root for. 

There is a soft cliffhanger as the series continues.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Leo on Fire is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.