Firecracker (Honeybridge #1) by Lucy Lennox and May Archer

Second chances, antagonists to lovers in a small town romance. Firecracker starts a new series by Lennox and Archer.

From the blurb:

There are three kinds of people in Honeybridge, Maine: The Honeycutts, who know a lot about love and loyalty; The Wellbridges, who think they’re the epitome of wealth and refinement; and the rest of the Honeybridgers, who know better than to get in the way of the centuries-old rivalry between the two.

There wasn’t a time when I didn't know Flynn “Firecracker” Honeycutt.

He’s been my childhood friend. My high school rival. The guy I couldn’t stop dreaming about, long after I thought I’d left him and Honeybridge in my rear-view mirror.

Now he’s the key to the giant promotion that can make or break my career… if I can just convince the man to give me the distribution rights for his award-winning mead.

Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done.

Flynn’s not the guy he used to be. His gorgeous eyes used to spark with dreams and fire, but now he looks at me with cold fury. And just like Achilles had his heel and Samson had his hair, I had Flynn Honeycutt, the one man I’d never been able to charm, despite an entire life spent winning people over.

I’m not giving up, though. Because I’m not the kid I used to be, either. And because, if the two of us can survive a long, hot summer filled with his family’s crazy antics and my mother’s single-handed determination to keep the Wellbridge-Honeycutt feud alive, there might just be a chance for both of us to get what we want:

A new dream.

The fulfillment of an old town legend.

And another chance to spark Firecracker to life.

Sheena's Review:

This is the first in a new series from Lucy Lennox and May Archer. I said before that there's some kind of magic that exists when these two write together, and after reading this, I'm even more convinced of that.

This is a second chance, antagonists to lovers story with lots of chemistry between JT and Flynn, a healthy dose of misunderstanding, lots of small town charm, and meddling mothers with a side of annoying siblings. And mead, lots of mead.

I liked both JT and Flynn, I liked Honeybridge and I liked the cast of supporting characters which were all well formed and added just the right amount to the story (although some of them I am sure we're seeing again, like Flynn's siblings and Dan the bartender 😉). Flynn and JT have been competitive with each other all their lives, and it's obvious they are meant to be together. There's just the right balance of heat and sweetness between the two to keep things moving forward until the end of the story. This has all the perfect ingredients to keep you engaged and rooting for JT and Flynn to have their happy ending, and it's pretty damn epic when it happens.

Rating: 5 Stars

Janet's Review:

Firecracker is small town charm and quirky characters. Frenemies to lovers and hilarity ensues!

Firecracker is the first book in a fantastic new series by Lucy Lennox and May Archer. I loved the town and so want to live there!! All the quirky characters were so much fun to read. Flynn and JT were so funny in their banter and snark. 

Sweet with a perfect balance of heat all the way throughout the book. Second chance, frenemies to lovers, and sooo may misunderstandings. The competitions between Flynn and JT were top notch. The chemistry and connection were amazing! The family feud, the small town charm is a perfect blend of romance and hilarity! Overall, a phenomenal read! Well written with fantastic pacing that kept me engaged and hooked into the story!

Rating: 5 Stars
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