Cover Reveal & Excerpt for Hot Head, Author: K.M. Neuhold (@kmneuhold) and Mia Monroe (@miapensromance) writing as Mika Nix

So excited to be able to share one of the first excerpts of Mika Nix's Hot Head to go with this beautiful cover:

Release Date: January 20, 2023

Series: Drake Security, Book 1



🐲Fated Mates

🐲Dragon Bodyguard

🐲A Cuddle Hoard

🐲Shifted Tongue Action 🔥🔥🔥


Protecting him is my job. Finding out he’s my fated mate wasn’t part of the assignment.

Lake Forrester III entered my life like a wrecking ball. Drake Security, my firm with my brothers, was hired to protect him from a stalker ex, but what Lake doesn’t know is that he’s not dealing with your average unhinged human. The unhinged wolf shifter he unknowingly dated will stop at nothing to get Lake in his clutches.

Just another day in the life of a dragon bodyguard.

The one thing I never expected was for Lake to be my fated mate. To say my protective instincts are on overdrive is an understatement. I’ll move mountains to keep him safe and delight in tearing the wolf apart with my bare hands if he gets too close to my mate. If it unleashes all-out war with the wolf packs, so be it. I never claimed to be the level-headed one.

In the meantime, my only focus is Lake and his safety. If anyone hurts him, it’ll be the last thing they do. My dragon will make sure of it.

Hot Head is book one in the exciting new series, Drake Security. It features a dragon bodyguard with anger issues, a fabulous human with more money than friends, an ex on the loose, and fated mate goodness. Dive into Hot Head and feel the burn. Drake Security features dragon shifters with NO MPREG.


So, are you and your brothers furries, or what?” he asks casually.

“What?” I spin on him with an irritated snarl as soon as we’re through my bedroom doors.

“I may have heard snippets of the conversation. Not that there was much to hear other than a bunch of weird shit about furries and toothy people.” He rambles on while I step inside my closet and start pulling clothing off of hangers to bring with me to his house. What Lord brought me yesterday won’t be nearly enough for how long this job is bound to last. “No judgment, by the way. I dated a furry for a little while. I wasn’t into dressing up myself, but his fursona was so cute that I actually think I was more into that than the human version of him. He had this fox tail butt plug…”

“What?” I bark again, sticking my head out of the closet to find Lake perched on my bed with his legs folded, looking entirely too at home with the corner of my custom, oversized comforter pulled up and draped over his lap.

“Furries,” he repeats, and I frown.

“I don’t have the first clue what you’re talking about, but please spare me the details of any of your ex’s butt plugs,” I rumble, returning to the task at hand, mostly to distract myself from the sight of him in my bed, rather than any real urgency in packing.

“So, what were you guys talking about then?” he asks.

“Confidential matters.”

“About me,” he insists.

“Pertaining to you,” I correct, stuffing my clothes into my largest suitcase and locking it. Not that I think anyone would take my clothes, nor am I attached to any of them. Call it a dragon thing, I suppose. We’re protective of what’s ours. Everything that’s ours.

“So, I deserve to be kept informed,” he reasons as I step out of my closet, carrying the suitcase.

“I’m positive no one has ever said this to you before, but you can’t have everything you want,” I say flatly, and he huffs through his nose, the sound equal parts amused and disbelieving.

He unfolds his legs and slides off the bed, closing the space between us in a few steps and tilting his head back to hold my gaze once he’s nearly chest to chest with me. “And I’m sure no one has ever told you this before, but I guarantee I’m more stubborn than you are, and I do get everything I want eventually.”

“Brat,” I mutter, and Lake grins, offering no apology.

“Come on, we’ve wasted enough of the day. You promised we could do anything I wanted after your mysterious meeting.”

I grunt. I suppose I did promise that, but I’m already sure I’m going to regret it. 

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