Cover Reveal & Excerpt: A Devilish Saturnalia: A Hellbound Novella (Hellbound Gods) by Alexa Piper

So pleased to be able to share the  cover and an excerpt for The Devil's Saturnalia which releases December 23rd, 2022 in wide distribution!   Lucifer, the Devil, and Lionel, his necromancer, return for 
a devilishly charming Midwinter tale.

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Lionel and Lucifer are spending the holidays in Scotland. They are set to enjoy a quiet Midwinter, and Lionel is looking forward to spending this time with his found family, although having a family is still new for him.

Lucifer’s goals for this holiday season are simple: convince his necromancer to willingly stay in bed with Lucifer, but of course, that is just a fantasy. Lucifer knows it’s not what his necromancer needs, and the cruel side of love is that even the Devil has to put his lover first.

Snowed in, will these two and those who love them find something to do to pass the longest night of the year? In this sweet and cozy read, you will find out.

This book is not a standalone. The events in A Devilish Saturnalia take place right after The Devil's Saturnalia.

Warning: This m/m romance contains sexual content only suitable for mature audiences.


It was almost noon by the time I went about slowly waking my necromancer with a few soft kisses. Since he hadn’t been tossed into a vat of coffee yet, soft kisses hardly did anything.

“Babe,” I said. “Time to get up.”

He grumbled excessively, but I hardly minded. I was still floating on the high of knowing that I had all of him, finally, that I was all his. And him grumbling and uncoordinated made it so I had an easy time coaxing him into the shower where he didn’t resist at all when I washed him. I even indulged myself by shampooing his hair twice.

Nelly was being delightfully demure right up until I rummaged around in the lingerie shopping bag I still hadn’t unpacked. That piqued his interest from where he was frowning at the bag I’d packed for the both of us, seeing as there weren’t any black clothes in there for him. And no more regular underwear either.

“Mmm, this I think,” I said as I handed him a box. The piece inside was one of the ones I’d bought several spares of, and I was looking forward to tearing the panties off him later that day.

Nelly eyed the white box with red lettering, frowning so much I was afraid he might get wrinkly from it.

“It’s cold outside, Beelzebug. I’m not wearing—well, whatever is in there. And also, did you pack anything that isn’t so, so…”


He lifted his lovely golden eyes to glare at me, and I turned my head so the faint winter light coming in through the high windows would make my damp hair shimmer.


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Alexa Piper writes steamy romance that ranges from light to dark, from straight to queer. She’s also a coffee addict. Alexa loves writing stories that make her readers laugh and fall in love with the characters in them.

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