Cover Reveal and Excerpt: The Handyman's Brother (Pine Ridge #2) by Shae Michaels

So pleased to be able to bring you an excerpt and cover reveal for The Handyman's Brother (Pine Ridge #2) by Shae Michaels which will release on December 5th, 2022!


The only reason I moved to Pine Ridge was because of my fiancé. When he dumped me… I may have lashed out in anger and accidentally broken my kitchen. When the contractor I hire ghosts me, it looks like I’m screwed. Until a handsome stranger in a bar approaches me and offers his brother’s assistance in fixing it. As Rooney and I spend more time together, I can’t help but be drawn to him. Just my luck that I crush on a straight, single dad. Rooney is straight… isn’t he?

I don’t know what it is but, since the first time I saw him, something about Mike fascinated me. And when I overhear his tale of remodeling woe, I’m compelled to offer up my brother and his handyman skills. But what happens when I no longer have an excuse to spend all of my available time with Mike? Maybe we could still be the kind of friends that spend our free time together. Huh. That sounds an awful lot like… dating. But I’ve never been attracted to a man before… right?


“And what about the house? What are we goin’ to do about the house?” I asked. “We bought a goddamned house together, ya shithead. In Wisconsin.”

“Actually… and this really is a bit of good luck… you bought a house in Wisconsin. Remember? We worked it out that I would keep paying the rent on our condo, here in Nashville, and you would pay for the Wisconsin house with your book money. So, nothing needs to change,” Brandon gleefully related to me. “I’ll keep living in the condo here, and you can stay in the house up there, since all your stuff is up there and you’re settled in at that new teaching job and all.”

Gee. How goddamned fucking lucky for the both of us. And to think, at the time, I had thought I’d been doing something incredibly fucking nice for our relationship by using the earnings I’d made, writing my gay romance books, to purchase our new house. I had figured Brandon was going to be stressed enough with moving multiple states away from his parents, along with starting a new job with more hours and more responsibilities, so I had wanted to remove some of the financial strain of moving by making sure the new house would be ours free-and-clear. Plus, that way, Brandon’s savings could go toward the lavish tropical island honeymoon he had wanted.
Now, my fucking generosity was coming back to bite me in the fucking ass. With no financial ties between us to untangle—we’d always kept separate bank accounts, which was what my accountant had recommended, since my finances were complicated by my earnings under my pen name—Brandon could easily and quickly sever the emotional ties of our relationship and just walk away to start his new life with his new boy toy.

“Well, that’s just great. Just fuckin’ great. I’m so fuckin’ glad everything’s turnin’ up roses for you, Brandon. You jus’ stay in your same ol’ job, in the condo we fucking picked out together, with your mama, and your new beau. Don’ worry about me at all. I’ll be just fuckin’ fine.”

“Mike, there’s no need to get angry. This really is for the best. You’ll see,” he said.

Angry? I’d be goddamned angry if I wanted to be.

Frustrated that I couldn’t just chuck my phone across the room, I stabbed the disconnect button as hard as I could, set it down on the kitchen counter, then made a fist, pulled it back, and walloped the cabinet in front of me.
Not being a muscle-bound gym rat, or used to throwing punches, I kind of doubted that I hit it that hard. But that cabinet jostled loose, slid right on down the wall, bounced off the countertop, and then crashed to the linoleum floor next to my feet.

Well. Shit.

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