Checking it Twice by V.L. Locey (Snowed Inn Book 2)

The next Snowed Inn novella is here!  Checking It Twice by V.L. Locey is a friends to lovers, forced proximity romance... 

From the blurb:

Will confessing his deepest secret to his best friend ruin their friendship?

Sutter Thompson has spent a goodly part of his life living a lie.

That lie led him to marry a woman he didn’t love as he should while he struggled to be all that his family wanted him to be. Finally, after the birth of his son Zachary, Sutter came to see that he needed to live a life of truth. Not just for himself, but for Zach as well. The truth included coming out at forty, getting divorced while his son was an infant, and trying to readjust to being who he was born to be.

Throughout all the turmoil, Sutter’s best friend, Watley McCutcheon, stood by his side. Watley understood how difficult breaking free could be. He had done it many years ago when they were still on the same college hockey team. Sutter always admired Wat’s bravery. He also admired his best friend for many other things…his smile, his laugh, his adoration of his son, Adam, and his caring heart. Now that Watley is single again, Sutter is hoping he can unlock the final secret he’s been carrying in his heart…he has and always will love Watley.

He’d not planned to do so at the youth hockey awards, but then again, he hadn’t expected an avalanche to strand him, Watley, their sons, and several of the boys’ teammates in a cozy Colorado inn either. Maybe it’s the romantic atmosphere or the sudden realization that life is too short to harbor such strong feelings forever, but he’s ready to declare his feelings to Watley. Can they step out of the friend zone and into a romance, or will Sutter’s heartfelt admission destroy years of brotherly affection?

Checking It Twice (A Snowed Inn Novella) is a friends-to-lovers gay romance with plenty of snow, a heaping helping of romance, snowball fights, terrible dad jokes, pop culture references out the wazoo, and a joyous happy ending.

Heather's Review:

VL Locey packs a lot into this novella - both Will and Sutter have kids who are along for the trip, along with other kids from their hockey team!  How Will and Sutter even get the chance to talk alone, let alone confess their feelings is a fun read, but I wish the book was longer and we got the chance to get below the surface of their relationship...  It's a sweet, low-angst holiday read and definitely a heartwarming HEA.  Checking It Twice can easily be read standalone or as part of the multi-author series

Rating; 4 Stars

Janet's Review:

Checking it Twice by VL Locey is the third book in the the multi author Snowed Inn series. Each can by read as a standalone, but you might enjoy them better if read together. Sutter has been in love with his best friend Watley since college. Watley is out and proud and Sutter is gay but has hid in the closet for the majority of his life. This was a well written story about two mature men in their fifties finally admitting their love. There’s lots of kids, an avalanche, hockey and is a great holiday story! Overall, a great read! 

Rating: 4 Stars

Checking It Twice is available as an e-book and can be read as part of your kindle unlimited subscription