When The Walls Come Down by Harper Robson (Hot Dam Homes Book 2)

When the Walls Come Down is the second book in the Hot Dam Homes series and features Dylan and Reed's story! 

From the blurb:

"Quirky." Ugh, I hate that word. The PC term these days is 'neuro-divergent', but I prefer to be called autistic. It's often a huge advantage to have a brain that works differently, but I sometimes wish it was easier to connect with other people. The things that make me different can make people want to keep their distance, and for a long time I've built walls around myself so no one wants to even try breaking through. Helping the sexy ER doctor renovate his house, I discover someone who wants to get closer instead of running away. I think Reed likes me because I'm a little different, not in spite of it. But the gorgeous doctor has a lot of baggage, and I worry that if he sees the parts of me I work so hard to keep under control, he's going to turn tail and run.

I've overcome a lot to get to where I am as a doctor, including parents who loved their bigoted, homophobic church more than their child and an opioid addiction following years of self-loathing. I love my team in the ER, but in my personal life I prefer to fly solo. I'm comfortable behind the carefully built walls that no one, not even my best friend, gets through.
The old fixer-upper in a great neighborhood was supposed to be a side project, but I discovered pretty quickly that home renovations are not as easy as they look on TV. But when one of the sexiest men I've ever seen, who happens to be a contractor, shows up in my ER, he feels like the solution to all my problems. What I never expected was that while he was re-building my house, Dylan Campbell would be the first person who makes me want to take my walls down.

When the Walls Come Down is a steamy hurt/comfort MM Romance. It features an autistic home renovation expert, and a doctor scarred by a traumatic childhood. Two people who've always been outsiders figuring out how to let each other in.

Heather's Review:

I really enjoyed reading When the Walls Come Down - it was a quick read for me and I couldn't put it down.  Both characters were interesting and had issues and backstories that made them likeable and a good read, and I was very impressed with the way that Dylan's Autism was written.  I found though that I was craving more connection to Reed, especially with all of his past traumas and issues, for him to have something that showed some cracks...  some of the issues just seemed to be discussed and dropped.

This was a feel good story and a fun read and I look forward to Sam's story soon!

Rating: 4 Stars

When the Walls Come Down is available as a paperback or ebook and can be read as part of the Kindle Unlimited subscription