The Reanimator's Heart (The Reanimator Mysteries #1) - Kara Jorgensen

The Reanimator's Heart is the first book in a new fantastic paranormal historical mystery series. Necromancer Oliver doesn't mean to reanimate his crush, but when investigator Felipe is murdered, that's what happens. This isn't the time to start having feelings for each other when Felipe needs to die again, even if Oliver doesn't want to let him go.

From the blurb:

A reluctant necromancer, a man killed before his time, and the crime that brings them together.

Felipe Galvan’s life as an investigator for the Paranormal Society has been spent running into danger. Returning home from his latest case, Felipe struggles with the sudden quiet of his life until a mysterious death puts him in the path of the enigmatic Oliver Barlow.

Oliver has two secrets. One, he has been in love with the charming Felipe Galvan for years. Two, he is a necromancer, but to keep the sensible life he’s built as a medical examiner, he must hide his powers. That is until Oliver finds Felipe murdered and accidentally brings him back from the dead.

But Felipe refuses to die again until he and Oliver catch his killer. Together, Felipe and Oliver embark on an investigation to uncover a plot centuries in the making. As they close in on his killer, one thing is certain: if they don’t stop them, Felipe won’t be the last to die. 

SNik's Review:

First in series (The Reanimator Mysteries). Historical paranormal. Dual POV. 

Oliver needs his routines. He is used to hiding he’s a necromancer while being a medical examiner, and he also has been hiding his crush on coworker, Felipe a paranormal investigator for almost 10 years. 

When he accidentally reanimates Felipe, they agree to keeping Felipe alive to investigate his murder, but what will happen when their time is up when feelings are growing between them? 

This story has amazing world building and two characters with deep backgrounds which inform their personalities. Felipe is a workaholic that regrets neglecting his family and Oliver (possibly neurodivergent) has set behaviors that most others find annoying. 

Both Felipe and Oliver are likable, intelligent, caring, supportive and find themselves immediately and somewhat reluctantly growing a romantic relationship with a deadline looming over them where they believe they have no future together. 

There is action, adventure, supportive secondary characters, sufficiently evil villains and a great story to start this new series. 

Really looking forward to more from Felipe and Oliver as they navigate their new bond and future mysteries.

Rating: 5 Stars

Alyssagp's Review:

The Reanimator's Heart by Kara Jorgensen is an enjoyable book! Both main characters are captivating and distinctive. The main character, Felipe Galvan, is an investigator for the Paranormal Society. He seeks out danger; he feels empty when it's not in his life. The other main character, Oliver Barlow, is a necromancer and medical examiner at the Paranormal Society. Oliver has an unrequited love for Felipe and is seen as odd. In addition, Oliver is autistic, unfortunately, people judge him harshly for it.

This book focuses on the storyline between the two main characters, their growth, and their interactions. The mystery in this book is an afterthought. While the mystery was intriguing, the real focus was on the main characters. 

I recommend this historical romance to historical romance readers. 

Rating: 5 Stars

The Reanimator's Heart is available to buy as an ebook and paperback.