The Oracle series by Mel Eight (Novellas 1-4)

The Oracle series is a set of novellas. Dragon, intrigue, espionage and did I say DRAGONS?? With the series being one of novella's, we've combined Janet's reviews for the first 4 novellas.

The Kingdom of Altnoia is on the cusp of civil war. The king and heir have been murdered, the throne
taken by their uncle, and the kingdom’s only hope lies with Prince Edan who has been missing for the past year. The Oracle appoints Kindle, her new Dragon of Fire, one task: find Prince Edan and keep him alive.

It should have been a simple task, but Kindle did not anticipate Prince Edan would hide away on a pirate ship, forcing the dragon not only to endure pirates, but seasickness and his fear of water. And nothing, not even the Oracle, could have prepared him for the two pirates he meets and the complicated feelings they spark.

Janet's Review:

The Oracle’s series by Mell Eight is set up in the first novella, The Oracle’s Flame. It is a sweet YA series. In the beginning we get a quick history of how the Oracles sees events playing out. She must make heart wrenching decisions to save the people and the land. 

The Oracle’s Flame is the first novella in the Oracle series and is about Kindle, a fire dragon. He must go to sea and protect the crown Prince who everyone believes is dead. He goes undercover on a pirate ship! He hides his abilities, until he must save his friends Edan and Egan, who are actually the crown prince and his doppelgänger. They return to Altonia to reclaim Prince Edan’s seat and he becomes King of Altonia. This one is MMM. There is some action, and the pacing moves along quickly. Overall, a great read! 

Rating: 4.5 stars

Ling is hated by everyone in the Monastery because his birth killed his mother. He hopes Caste testing
will ease his troubles—either his rank will be so low that everyone will forget about him, or it will be so high they’ll be forced to respect him. What he doesn’t expect is to walk out of the testing chamber with an egg emblazoned across his back. Laughed out of the Monastery, Ling hides away in Altnoia, where he becomes embroiled in a plot to overthrow King Edan and the Oracle who supports him.

The ringleader behind the plot is Prince Damarion, son of the evil despot who forced King Edan to flee in the first place—but the prince’s motives don’t match Ling’s expectations. He doesn’t anticipate a friendship, either, or what that friendship would become and the choices he would be forced to make.

Janet's Review:

The Oracle's Hatchling is the second novella in The Oracle series and is about Ling. Ling is from a rare dragon caste that no one remembers, and they all treat him horribly. The Oracle’s send him to the Altonia where the Fire Dragon now lives. There he works as a servant and gets to know Prince Damarion, who’s father was the previous king until Prince Edan came back and reclaimed his crown. Ling realizes that the prince is lonely and they become friends. When Damarion’s life is in danger, Ling protects him, and we learn the true meaning of his caste. He’s of the rare Ether caste and represents all, air, water, earth and fire. Overall, this was my favorite! Well written with fast pacing. 

Rating: 5 stars

Abused and used like scrap, Golem has never known anything but pain. He exists to serve the Oracle’s whims and needs. After escaping the Monastery, he hid himself away where no one would be able to use him again. Then one day a child falls asleep in his lap…

Marl is nothing special. He’s low in the Earth Caste, set to watch over the Caste’s problem child, Lichen. In search of the errant Lichen one day, he unexpectedly comes across Golem hiding deep in the mountains. Unlike his usual behavior, he desires to see Golem again.

Then Marl learns why Golem is hiding, and he realizes he must make a choice: the Oracle or Golem. 

Janet's Review:

The Oracle's Golem is the third novella in The Oracle series and is about the Earth dragon who has been used to create a child. He escapes the Monastery and disappears into the mountain. Lichen is a wandering child; he finds Golem and wants to know him better. Marl is always looking for Lichen. One day he realizes that Lichen has been visiting Golem. As time goes on Lichen and Marl want to spend time with Golem. But Marl learns why Golem has been hiding and he’s stunned. When Marl’s life is in danger, Golem realizes he must come back to the Monastery and save Marl. This is a really sweet story but this one has a hint of darkness in it. Each of these stories keep getting better and betters as more layers are added. Well written with fast pacing! 

Rating: 5 stars

Keir became the leader of the opposition army when he was barely eighteen years old. He led the fight against the usurper king from land while Prince Edan and Regent Egan led from the sea. Keir also had hundreds of men at his command and one invisible dragon, nicknamed Sprite, who likes to help out from time to time.

Sprite is friendly and fun-loving, happy to play tricks on Keir’s sister and keep Keir company. When a letter arrives from the Oracle asking for Keir's presence, he expects Sprite to calmly travel with him. Instead, the strong gale that erupts sends Keir flying overboard and into an adventure he and Sprite might not walk away from alive. 

Janet's Review:
The Oracle’s Sprite is the fourth novelle in the Oracle series and is about Sprite, an air dragon. Sprite disappeared from the Monastery years earlier when the people there treated him horribly. He is injured, found by Keir and disappears. Keir was the opposition general in the fight to help King Edan take back his thrown. Keir thinks he has a ghost, but Sprite loved playing tricks on Keir’s sister. When Keir is called to the Monastery, Sprite doesn’t want to go back. But they go back and there’s danger afoot and Sprite must step up and become the air dragon that the people needs. Loved, loved, loved Sprite!! He was so much fun to read. Well written with fast pacing. 

Rating: 5+ stars

The first 5 novellas are available to buy as ebooks on Amazon.