The Last Son of Venus By: Dion Marc Narrated by: Jonathan Kahler

The Last Son of Venus audiobook was a fun fantasy escape! This book was enjoyable! 

From the blurb:

Alone and in London for the first time, Alex Anderson is being hunted by the darkness as the fates have
seen fit to turn his dream holiday into his worst nightmare before he even steps foot out of the airport.

An archaic evil hungers for him and will stop at nothing to possess the 22-year-old and the coveted secrets that have been hidden from Alex his whole life.

All that stands in their way is a 2,500-year-old spartan Commander named Nikos and his fellow guardian sidekick Jin, a pink-haired descendant of the goddess Hekate.

Nikos will move heaven and hell to protect Alex even if that means protecting him from himself.

When boy meets man, sparks fly and an instant bond is felt, a connection that feels as old as the fabric of time. But Alex must first learn to trust Nikos and Jin while fighting his anxieties that have controlled his life if he has any hope of surviving what’s to come.

The Last Son of Venus is the first in the fast-paced LGBT fantasy romance series of the same name. Featuring Queer male characters, high fantasy creatures, magic, and the true gods of old. The Last Son of Venus will take you on a long multi-series journey to a well-deserved HEA. So come and join Alex and Nikos and see what the Fates have in store.

Alyssagp's Review:

I enjoyed The Last Son of Venus book when I listened to it! The narrator did a great job as all the voices were fitting for the characters they narrated. 

This story revolves around the main character Alex Anderson, who has low self-esteem. He is anxious and feels subconscious about his worth, although he is ironically the son of gods. 

During a vacation gone awry, he meets Nikos, a Spartan warrior whose purpose is to protect him. Alex needs Nikos’s protection since evil is following him that he doesn’t understand. 

This audiobook has mythology, magic, action, and romance. I recommend this book in audio! 

Rating: 4 Stars

The Last Son of Venus is available at Audible and is Whispersynced.