Strike A Pose by Jackie North (Model Love Multi-Author Series/Farthingdale Ranch Crossover)

Strike A Pose is the next offering in the Model Love series and is also a crossover with Jackie North's Farthingdale Ranch series.

From the blurb:

Make a wish on a shooting star. Cry to the moon like the coyotes do.

There are so many things Sid cannot have, so many things he tells himself he does not need. His job at Farthingdale Ranch is good enough, right? Then along comes Heston, a glamorous and gorgeous top-tier model from New York City who makes Sid want and then want some more.

Heston has come to Wyoming to do a pre-fall photo shoot in the middle of July. It’s hot as hell, his skin is drying up, his hair is breaking off, and he’s got a hangnail. Then along comes Sid, lanky and sweet, and Heston begins to think there’s more to life than modeling.

Heather's Review:

I love it when an author brings an established world in to their story in a multi-author world, especially if it's one like the Farthingdale Ranch series that I've followed from the very beginning...  Jackie North takes a very sweet and wonderful boy Sid and gives him the chance to do more than model, she gives him the chance to get to know a man who attracted his attention from the start, Heston.

I liked that Heston was down to earth and open to what Sid brought to the table, and also willing to help him be the best Sid he could be... and then Sid had the opportunity to do the same.

This book has everything you'd expect - opposites attract, city/country, an ex-boyfriend bordering on stalker, model behaviour, an only one bed situation and so much more!  Whether you read it standalone, as part of the Model Love series or as part of the Farthingdale Ranch series, you'll find great characters, an amazing storyline, plot twists and a satisfying HEA.

Rating: 5 Stars

Janet's Review:

Strike A Pose is part of the Model Love multi author series. 

Loved Sid and Heston!! I seriously adored being back in this author cowboy world, Farthingdale Ranch series. 

Heston is a glamorous model, and Sid is a cowboy. Sid helps Heston with his hat, wearing it correctly and ends up modeling for a couple of weeks. 

You would think total opposites, but actually so perfect for one another. This was sooo freakin good! Fantastic world building with complex characters. Well written with pacing that flows!

Rating: 5 Stars

Strike a Pose is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.