Stabby Little by Aster Rae

Stabby Little is the first book in the Mafia Killers series. Dark, gritty and steam!!

From the blurb:

It was a mistake to get involved with my son's best friend.

Seven years ago, my son's best friend Ollie vanished. I searched for him for years but I never found him. Despite what the FBI told me, I never gave up.

When he shows up to my house unannounced, I don't know how to react. He's a legal adult now and exactly like the boy I used to know. Yet there's a dark side to Ollie now, one I can't ignore.

His eyes are the same shade of blue as the boy in the mask I've been meeting up with at a local club. And he's the same height as the anonymous killer my Mafia bosses are ordering me to hunt.

When Ollie confesses he's on a mission to murder my bosses, I don't know if I should put a bullet in his head... or become his Daddy.

Stabby Little is a 100,000-word MM Mafia Daddy romance with an age gap, morally gray characters, stuffies, cuddles, playdates, snarky banter, gratuitous violence and a guaranteed HEA. It is a spin-off from Aster Rae's bestselling Italian Protectors trilogy but can be read as a standalone.

Janet's Review:

Stabby Little by Aster Rae is the first book in the Mafia Killers series. Ollie was taken one day seven years ago and abuse. He’s not the same little sweet boy that Grant remembers. Grant has searched for seven long years for Ollie. Ollie has kind of been under his nose the whole time. Stabby Little is somewhat darker that what the author usually writes. Ollie and his friends Finn and Sparrow have escaped and are all free to do what they want. Ollie wants to take his revenge. The three of them make a fantastic found family. But there is humor, sweetness, heat and steam and within the story. As usual we get a visit from all the Littles at Little Land, that might be one of my favorite things, how we get a visit from all the boys. The scenes from the Little Bunny Club were pure fire! Overall, a fantastic start to a new series. Well written with pacing that kept me engaged and hooked into the story.

Rating: 5 Stars

Stabby Little is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.