Petty Crimes - Eden Winters

It's not safe for an undercover narcotics officer to be attracted to a man that may or may not be a criminal, and Jerry has made the mistake before of falling for a man who was not what he seemed. But Jerry ends up needing Nico's help, and work and personal boundaries are blurred when the two men spend time together and Jerry can only hope they are working towards the same goal in Petty Crimes.

From the blurb:

Why can't life give him a break?

Five years ago, Jerry Wilkerson was running with a biker gang, making mistake after mistake, till he ended up in the hospital with a gunshot wound, facing criminal charges for drug distribution. On top of everything, he'd fallen in love with the narcotics agent who took them all down. Or rather, with Cyrus Cooper, the man that agent pretended to be.

Making a deal with the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau kept Jerry out of jail, sending him undercover as Brody Jenson, a petty criminal able to get into places other agents can't. He's satisfied with his life—or would be if he wasn't still longing for someone who never existed.

Then a man steps out of his dreams and into his life, who's everything Jerry ever wanted.

Except for the part where Jerry might have to arrest him.

While this book features characters from the Diversion series, it is a standalone.

SNik's Review:

Standalone (although set in the author’s Diversion universe). Single POV. 

Jerry was a young biker caught up in illegal drug distribution, secretly crushing on a man he didn’t realize was an undercover narcotics officer. 

When we last saw Jerry, he was recovering in a hospital after being shot, agreeing to testify against his former biker gang and possibly on his way to prison. 

Fast forward 5 years and Jerry is living a much different life as an undercover narcotics officer himself, having been given a second chance and working hard to bring down anyone involved with illicit opioid distribution. 

Having a double life doesn’t leave much time for relationships, but when Jerry meets Nico he’s willing to take a chance, although Jerry doesn’t know if Nico is a criminal, an informant, or something else. 

Jerry and Nico have instant chemistry and the heat is off the charts once they are together. Eventually the story reveals both Jerry and Nico have past histories that explain who they are as people today, and their backgrounds shared over time bring them closer so they can form a more than casual relationship. 

This story is filled with action, some twists and turns, and cameos from some favorite characters from the author’s Diversion series. 

Jerry and Nico are two characters that quickly fall for each other, work well together in and out of the office, and easily fit as a couple that deserve an HEA. 

Entertaining and fun read with a well-deserved romance for a sweet once-upon-a-time secondary character.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Petty Crimes to available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.